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LV8.0 Application Builder Installation Problem

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I purchased LV 8.0 Full Development System


LV 8.0 Application Builder,

upgrades from 7.1., Windows version.

Of course, I have the corresponding "certificates of ownership" with S/N + P/N.

I received a box, from NI, including three CDs, two of them contain drivers,

the third one is "LabVIEW 8 Development System and Application Builder for Win...".

The title says clearly that it includes the application builder.

I installed LV 8.0, no problem, licensing and registration OK.

I didn't find a way to install the "Application Builder".

Actually, it looks to me as if it is not present on the CD at all.

Does anybody know how does it work?



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:D You don't need a CD. The application builder is already installed. The only thing you have to do is to write in the license number for the bulder in the license manager - and - voila :D

Yeah, with LV 8 you just have to activate all your products, everything installs by default (except add-ons). I had a similar problem. LV Academic package Fall 2005 included a CD for LV 7.1 Pro but it wasn't Pro but LV 7.1 Base instead. The CD clearly says Pro... I wonder how many of these wrong CDs they shipped. At least two for me...

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