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Autoscaling bug on Waveform Chart

Omar Mussa

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Here's a way to get an annoying LV 8.20 bug to show up...

Create a chart with multiple plots and turn Autoscaling True, then set Plot Visible to False on the first plot. The autoscaling does not kick in for the remaining plots so you end up with what looks like a blank graph (in my example... behavior could vary if you have a different scenario then mine).

I've attached a VI that demonstrates the bug. Run the VI, set Plot0 Visible = Off and watch the scale on the left (if you manually change the scale, you'll see the data is still being plotted for Plot1 for a brief moment (set the Max Value = 15) but the data will not stay visible because the autoscale bug will ruin your day). If you run the VI, in LV 8.0 you'll get the expected behavior. I've attached the VI in 8.0 format so that you don't have to Save For Previous.

NI's suggested workaround:

"I believe that the easiest work around is to disable autoscaling all together. If this isn't an option, then you'll have to write an autoscaling routine that detects the range of data in the history and then sets the yscale.range property node accordingly."


Download File:post-5746-1164072769.vi

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