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Trying to copy conflicting custom typedef fails silently

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The attached ZIP file contains two folders, each containing one project. Open both projects, then open "copy typedef bug.vi" from project 1, and "blank fp.vi" from project 2. Try to copy the enumeration from the front panel of "copy typedef bug.vi" to the front panel of "blank fp.vi" (copy/paste or drag) and notice that it fails silently, because there's a conflicting type definition already in memory in the application instance for project 2. I accept that the copy should fail, I just don't think it should do so without explaining the error. If you're trying to copy a number of front panel elements at once, one of which happens to be a type definition, and the conflicting type definition in the target VI is buried several layers deep in subVIs, it's very puzzling to see the copy fail.

Download File:post-3989-1165587744.zip

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