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Mixed Signal Graph giving me mixed signals

Omar Mussa

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I am trying to use the mixed signal graph because it seems like a great fit for my application but I'm running into issues. I want to have several stacked plots that share a common X axis and it seems like a good way to handle this problem.

Aside from not being able to rename the 'Group' (Mixed Signal Graph Legend - Programmatic Plot Goup Label) I'm also having issues with the plot legend.

If I create more than one plot area and I programatically assign a plot to an area other than the first area (via the YScaleIndex), the plot disappears completely from the plot legend. :headbang: (I'm in the process of reporting this to NI as a bug, will post CAR when I have it).

One workaround I can think of is to hide the legend and create my own.

There are downsides to that namely:

1) User can't move the plot from one graph to another using drag and drop (I can live with this)

2) User can't change the plot color, point style, etc. easily (Or I have to do much more programming...).

I'm thinking another workaround would be to create a regular XY Graph and move the graph off the screen keep the legend on the screen for the user to interact with - then to use its legend to write to the Mixed Signal Legend. Luckily there is a 'Plot Attribute Changed' event but this will still be tricky.

Has anyone out there tried to use the Mixed Signal Graph? Maybe I'm missing something here. Suggestions of all kinds greatly appreciated.

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