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legacy serial i/o

Val Brown

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QUOTE(fliesskomma @ Jul 18 2007, 08:11 AM)

Hi Val,

I began using legacy serial drivers with LabView 6.0 which worked quite well with most devices to communicate with.

Later on, I developed Software for some serial communication with several serial ports, beeing busy at the same time. Every time when there was a continous (115kbd) bytestream to read, with a size above of a couple kByte, serious dataloss occured.

So I changed to VISA (Lv6.1 ... Lv7.1), where I could adjust read- and write buffer size and all communication errors vanished.

The adjustable buffer feature of VISA was the deciding reason for me to change. I didn't find this feature in the legacy drivers. Please tell me, if I'm wrong.

Maybe this information could prevent you running into problems.

Interesting -- I haven't had problems with the legacy code (except being able to use it at all at one point!) but, then again, I've always allocated a 5K buffer, at least. On each init call, the buffer size CAN be set -- what difference that actually has is difficult to assess because of how serpdrv and its related code works.

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