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XML-RPC implementation in LabVIEW

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I'm wondering if anyone out there has done an implementation of the XML-RPC protocol in pure G? I'm working on an application where a top-level control program is written in Java (by another developer) and deployed on a Linux X86 machine. I plan on using LabVIEW compiled to the Linux platform for communication and control with the instrumentation required and then communicate with the Java program thru the XML-RPC protocol (the LabVIEW app will become an XML-RPC server). Any thoughts appreciated - even if the advice is "you gotta be out of your mind". Better to know now if there are better options!

Mark E. Smith

Sandia National Laboratories



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Hello Mark,

you should be aware that if you want to take advantage of built-in XML

coding VIs, the LV schema (that we cannot edit or replace) will prevent your application

to be fully compatible with XML-RPC.

Please find below what I did so far (XMLvRPC, a LV version of XML-RPC)

(few slides here) and check also my contribution in the proceedings at PCaPAC06.

I wasn't my intention to be fully XML-RPC compliant, so I didn't go further.


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