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My project is starting to use tables and I have a couple of questions about controlling them in the front panel.

1.) Is there a way to make a labview table only accept numeric input into a table?

2.) In my example, the user can control the number of rows and columns. When they use this feature, the table size changes. Is there a way to disable this autosize property?



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You can probably use Match Regular Expression from the string palette to check the user's entry for being numeric. Don't ask me how though, unless you want to keep it really simple. If you only allow digits and the . for decimal point, put [^0-9\.] as your regular expression, and if you find a match, it's non-numeric.

If you want to change the table size (i.e. the size of the 2D array of strings) but not the appearance, don't use those properties -- just write an array of blank strings to your table. For example if you leave the front panel size as shown, but write a 10X10 array of blank strings to the table, then the vertical and horizontal scrollbars will no longer be grayed out.

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