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Multicolumn Listbox Toggle item symbol

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QUOTE(phuzionz @ Jun 4 2007, 11:20 AM)

Dear users,

How can i programmatically code to toggle itemsymbols when i press on a particular cell or row.

Thus i want when i press on a row that the symbol appaers and that it disappaers on the previous position.


You can use the 'ItemSyms' property to set the symbols programmatically.

I've attached an example.

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QUOTE(phuzionz @ Jun 5 2007, 11:01 AM)

I have a problem with my event structure, He gives me as old and new value an output array!

In yours example is it an integer, or not?



Right click on you listbox and deselect 'allow multiple selections'

Each element in your array represents one selection. If you need multiple selection you can XOR the old and new array to find the changed element.


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