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LabVIEW XML and other XML schemas

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Hi All,

I have read quite a few posts about labVIEW XML and I have used it quite a bit in a few projects already. We are in the process of planning ournext generation DAQ system for rotarty wing flight test applications. After some research, we have decided to implement more file IO utilising XML and came across XidML which is trying to become the industry standard for flight test systems.

It would be beneficial if our LV apps can read and write XidML files, but I am at a loss as to how to efficiently implement such an interface. Has anyone else played with XidML? Is there a way to get LV to play nice with XidML files?

Cheers & Beers

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QUOTE(Adnan @ Dec 5 2007, 07:12 PM)

Sorry, I did not see that it points on the same URL on sourceforge.

NB : MSXML is Windows only, thereas LibXML is for Windows and Linux platforms.

Thanks for that I will take a look at those utilities and let you know how things go.

Cheer & beers

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I've found that working through XML files can be quite tedious in LabView due to the lack of garbage cleanup (each time you open a node, property, etc. you need to make sure you close the reference). I'm currently generating custom XML files on my test systems by calling/passing arguments to an external javascript which has automatic garbage cleanup (will close all references once code has executed). You can see a simple example of what/how I'm doing this here.

QUOTE(Phil Duncan @ Dec 5 2007, 08:28 PM)

Thanks for that I will take a look at those utilities and let you know how things go.Cheer & beers :thumbup: :beer:Thanks a heap. The MSXML toolkit is exactly what I needed and the example was also invaluable.Cheer & beers :thumbup: :beer:
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