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  1. Hi, You must set SceneObject.Blending.Mode to ON.
  2. QUOTE(Aristos Queue @ Dec 17 2007, 11:04 PM) +1. I just bought the Orange box. Portal is really a Great game. What's real gameplay. And if you like multiplayer, you have in the same box the incredible cartoon-like http://orange.half-life2.com/tf2.html' target="_blank">TeamFortress 2.(not really tried yet but i like the visuals).
  3. QUOTE(Falevoz Y. @ Dec 5 2007, 08:35 AM) Sorry, I did not see that it points on the same URL on sourceforge. NB : MSXML is Windows only, thereas LibXML is for Windows and Linux platforms.
  4. Or you can use LabXML(LibXML LabVIEW implementation)
  5. Hi, I am Adnan and I am a lurker. I think, I am a little bit shy and not very self-confident for replying. But I try to heal myself (are we in group therapy? ). People are very unselfish, passionate, and love :beer: . I really like this place .
  6. Here a possible implementatin of Ben idea. We could go further and have different editor for cells (numeric, checkbox, ring). I'm going to try to do an "AdvancedEditableTable" XControl as we could find in JAVA JTableCellEditor
  7. You can convert LabVOOP wire to variant (To Variant function). It gives information on type and value (check show type on Variant indicator). With OpenG' Data tools, you can have maybe these informations formated into String.
  8. You can find this template here : C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.2\resource\Framework\Providers\LVClassLibrary\CLSUIP_MemberTemplate.vit
  9. I attached a basic example which update array caption when you clicked on booleans. I hope it helps. Download File:post-1057-1154615177.vi
  10. Indeed, it works well! It seems to be the best solution. Moreover with adding the lines below in application INI file (WriteTimeToFile_LV711.ini), it will hide window in Task Bar. [WriteTimeToFile_LV711] HideRootWindow = TRUE Walx a question : what is the "WriteTimeToFile_LV711.bat" file in your build directory?
  11. I found here an information about how LabVIEW handle the panel and the VI in memory but I'm not sure it was true for every version. To sum up, they suggest that the VI must open a self reference in such way LabVIEW keep it memory. So I made some tests in different versions of LV : 6.1, 7.1.1, 8.0.1 (see Attachment). The code of VI is simple and it is the same for all version (Open Self VI Reference - CloseFP - write date & time in a text file - Close VI Reference). I'm build exe for every version and use it for results. Test machine : PC WinXP sp2 CPU : P4-2.6GHz RAM : 1.5Gb Res
  12. I use to think so. But It seems it depends on which kind of code is on your BD. I will try to synthesize this and post some example when i have time. I suppose it is due to thread switching as Rolf said.
  13. Deactivate all options in VI properties.Window Appearance (Title bar, Menu bar,etc...) and use Close FP method on start of your VI.
  14. Adnan

    UML tools?

    I like Poseidon. There is a community edition, which is enough for most of needs.
  15. I have a blank VI named Reentrant.vi (reentrant himself of course), which i put in every reentrant VI block diagram. By finding all instance of this VI, I have access of block diagram of callers.
  16. You can use this attach VI. It uses the following equation : Gray scale intensity = 0.333R + 0.333G + 0.333B Download File:post-1057-1146829001.vi Download File:post-1057-1146829047.vi
  17. Read this : Performance Impact of Property Nodes
  18. +1 Same problem. It seems LabVIEW reload all subVIs each time we create an instance of VIT (even if the subVIs are in memory). The only workaround, we've found is to use Reentrant VI technique instead of VIT instanciation.
  19. You can just associate "Value Change" event to the control path. It works well. See attach VI. Download File:post-1057-1141748574.vi
  20. SITUATION Labview 7.1.1 Run Time Engine OS : Linux Redhad WS4 or Mac OS X (we don't have time to really test it on WinXP, but it would be done soon) Machines : Dell Bi-Xeon 3Ghz 1GB and Apple G5 Dual 2.5Ghz 1GB. Application : ~2000 VIs, with lot of dynamic launches of parallel processes (VIT instanciation). Every 10 seconds, 4 processes are launched and destroy themselves after 7 secondes. PROBLEM Error 1124 appears randomly on Open VI Reference for instantiation of process VIs (it take between ~20 minutes and 24 hours~to happen). We try to handle this error by filtering and re-trying th
  21. Which kind of picture do you mean? If it is a image file, just copy/paste your image file to front panel and save your vi. If you mean using picture toolkit, you must load your image file via "Picture ToolKit/Read XXX File.vi" (where XXX is File Type) to a Picture Control. And then, Right-click on the Picture control, Data Operation>>Make Current Value Default and save the vi, to make it persistent.
  22. Try this link : LycanGeek. It's from one of developper of LabVIEW, particulary the .NET part. (I think LV 8 use .NET 2.0)
  23. Do you mean the FP state of VI in the SubPanel ? In this case the only way i have found is to remove VI from subpanel, change his properties, and re-insert it.
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