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endevo goop class name

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Hi all,

I am using LV8.5 and the recently released Endevo Goop toolkit 2.0

When I use the classname.GetObjectStatus.vi to retrieve object information, there is a connector pane output named "class name" as well. For some reason this string is always empty, though. Can somebody tell me how to remedy this?

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QUOTE(Jeffrey Habets @ Dec 28 2007, 03:20 PM)

Assuming you are using the EndevoGOOP3 class provider...

The class name output shouldn't be empty, it should contain the classname (without the .lvclass).. Now, if you by any chance meant the "object name" output, this will be empty by default. The object name for a particular instance of your class can be set as a parameter to the new method in the create method of your class..

indeed, I am using class provider EndevoGoop300.

Unfortunately, I really did mean the class name. I do use the object name as well and have no issues retrieving that.

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