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Your experience on Active VI Toolkit

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A few weeks has passes since ExpressionFlow released Active VI Toolkit for public alpha testing. Many of you have probably already tested the toolkit and have some opinions and experience on it. As I'd like to develop this toolkit to meet user needs, I'd really appreciate all your feedback.

  • So what are you initial experiences with the Active VI Toolkit?
  • What did you like and what didn't you like?
  • Was the toolkit usage clear or did you understand nothing at all?
  • Do you think you would have a use case for something like Active VI Toolkit?
  • Were the examples clear?
  • Are you experiencing bugs and problems with the toolkit?

If you have not yet downloaded the Active VI Toolkit, please click the downloads tab above on the menu bar under the ExpressionFlow logo.

Regarding the confidentiality clause of the alpha/beta test agreement for pre-release products. Active VI Toolkit is now public and you can freely discuss the Active VI Toolkit related issues on these forums. However the source code of the Active VI Toolkit is not public and you are not allowed to share the source code publicly. You can freely post examples using Active VI Toolkit to ExpressionFlow forums, however you are not allowed to redistribute the toolkit itself.

p.s. Eastern is an excellent time to spend with your loved ones like your family and interesting LabVIEW stuff.... :rolleyes:

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