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Create Windows Service that reads from OPC

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Hi guys,

Using Visual Basic 2005 and Measurement studio Enterprise 8.1, i must create an application that reads an integer value from a remote OPC server running WINCC 6.0. My code is simple and as following:

dim Value as integerdim dst as new Datasocketdst.connect("opc://my-server/OPCServer.WinCC/my-item")Value=ctype(dst.data.value,integer)

The above code works fine when i run it as a windows application. BUT, no user will be operating the computer that this application will run. That's why i decided to create a Windows Service, using the same code. But as a service, it does run though, but it does not return any value. The value is always zero and no errors are produced. The service starts with user credentials that have access to the remote OPC server. As i said, as a Windows applicaction, it runs fine.

Do any of you have done something similar and had such problems



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