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Task Bundles

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QUOTE (EJW @ Apr 14 2008, 10:33 AM)

hi everyone. just wondering which of the two methods of unbundling tasks in my example code is more appropriate to use. if you could take a look and let me know i'd appreciate it.

Personal opinion: I try and keep everything inside case structures as small as possible, and with minimal changes in data. Ask these questions: How long does it take to fully comprehend what is going on in the top case structure? Now how long does it take for the bottom? Also, what is the possibility of miswires in the top structure as opposed to the bottom? Like noticing that say, the "DOT BOT ACCEPT" and "DOT BOT FAULT" might be swapped?

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The only reason I voted for method #3 is that I liked Method #1 as well... but didn't like the way that one of the clusters was being coerced ("DO TOP"/"DO BOT"). Notice that whatever cluster you wire into the case first is the one chosen as the data type that the second one is coerced to.

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