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System Tree View - File Browse Advice

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Hello All,

I'm looking for some advice. I'd like to duplicate the attached file search dialog in LabVIEW. My guess is to start to use the system tree control for the directory browsing portion (right hand tree view). I've played around with adding symbols for each level of directory but the built in folder representations are not that great. Does anyone have a source (freeware or at least minimal cost) for nice looking color icons for the folder representation? In the tree view in labview I see a dashed grey line connecting the parents/children. Can that be disabled so it looks like my attached image? I am planning on wrapping most of the controls into an XControl to make things a bit easier to handle.

Thanks for the help,


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Check out the attached VI. It overrides those not-so-pretty tree symbols with better looking ones (specifically, the icons used in the Project Window). After you run this VI on your tree, whenever you add new items programmatically, if you set their symbol index to be one of the old-skool symbols, you'll get the nicer looking one instead. This should work in LabVIEW 8.0 and later.


P.S. - To turn off the hierarchy lines on the tree, right-click the tree and uncheck Visible Items > Hierarchy Lines.

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