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"Convert Panel To Screen Coordinates" method

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The "Convert Panel To Screen Coordinates" method does not work on VIs in Run mode.

If you use this method on a VI in Run mode, you receive the follow error.

"Error 1073 occurred at Invoke Node in CvtPanelToScreenCoords.viPossible reason(s):LabVIEW: This property is writable only when the VI is in edit mode, or this method is available only when the VI is in edit mode.Method Name: Convert Panel To Screen Coordinates"

The help file indicates this is the correct behavior stating that it is not settable when the VI in running. I brought this to NIs attention and they agree that the method is not very useful on a VI in Edit mode, so they filed it as a bug (CAR # 105629).

Download File:post-47-1209311080.vi

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Did you ever find a way around this problem?

I can convert the horizontal coordinate without any problems but the vertical seems to depend on whether the toolbar is on, etc as well as on the windows theme.

I am trying to convert the screen coordinates that I get from Acquire Input Data.vi, i.e. reading the mouse position, into Panel and then Pane and then XY Graph coordinates.


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Actually it is still a problem in LV 2009 SP1. It works fine in the IDE but does not work in the RTE.

I did find a workaround.

To get the Pane coordinates you can subtract the Screen coordinates from the top left corner of the Panel Bounds and add the pane Origin.


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