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PNA VISA read time problem

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Newbie here.

I am having a problem with read times on an Agilent N5242 PNA. I have configured the PNA LAN as a data socket (because I couldn't make the regular VXI LAN work).

My specific problem is that doing a VISA READ is taking me around 250 ms (an eternity). The amount of data, or data type, doesn't seem to be the problem. The read time is not affected overly by bieng in ASCII or REAL32 format, nor is the time affected overly by the amount of data being sent.

Being configured as a data socket, I had to put in a property node modifier to tell the machine where to stop; that may be hosing me up.

I also tried doing a VISA read on a completely different piece of equipment and it was much faster (12 ms).

Thanks in advance for any help,


edited to add:

I just discovered DATASOCKET reads. I am going to explore that avenue a bit.....

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