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Slow execution of an old program in a new pc.

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Hi all!

Actually i don't know wether this is the right forum for this post or i should try in another one.

I have a scc-ctr01 counter module in a sc-2345 carrier and a DAQCard-6024E. I use this SCC module as a counter for frequency measurement in an application developed using Labview 7 Express over a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300 laptop. In the same application at the same time i get analogic input data from a scc-sg24 strain gauge module. No problem at all.

I tried to migrate this configuration and application to a Dell Latitude D630. In the MAX i made a new configuration copying the old one. In the Dell i have installed Labview 7.1. Both computer have Win XP SP2.

When i run the application in the Dell (with the new channels configured in the DAQassistants) i don't get any error but i runs very very slow. The graphs are drawn step by step and when i try to stop it the system needs seconds from the mouse click to the application stop.

If i erase the DAQassistant of the frequency counter from my VI the applications runs right (without the frequency data, of course). I have test other applications using the data of the SCC-SG24 modules and they work well.

I tried to swith off one of the CPU cores (i read there are some problems with LV 7.1 and dual core CPUs) but it didn't work.

Any ideas?. Hardware problem?. Software problem?.

Thanks in advance!.


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