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  1. Hello I have the need to read MMS without going to a cell phone aggregator company. The approach I offer here is not at all an example of good programming practice and it would be much better to gain access to a cell phone company's database. Maybe this will happen when the system gets going. These MMS are sent to a phone number, and then picked out from the picture messaging web page. I used the iMacros product to see if it could be done simpler, but found that there was just not enough control. Th iMacros can click on a position on the screen, but prefers to activate the links inside the H
  2. Now I need to provide continuity and reliability. I have a LabView program in the health care sector and I'd like to pass over the maintenance and continued development to another company. What kind of deals can be struck here? I am a solo developer who is getting on in years. Taking over a program can be tiresome. It needs to get under version control, translation into other languages than English will likely become important. One of my goals is to move myself away from all of this entirely, to have someone else do the troubleshooting and the database maintenance on the various
  3. The Specialized software in this case is Wound Management I have a program working for some months now in alpha testing, and I'd like to try it out a little wider. The program is written in LV 7.0 and can install to and run from a memory stick without leaving any traces on the hard drive. This may be a useful model for some people. Nurses who look after wounds are spread far and wide across the world. They cannot install programs (I've tried to get 'em to do it and they just won't). The plan is to get some of the people who read this list to install it for a nursing home or group o
  4. Hello I need to send some emails from inside a LabView program. The user has currently to write out the email address in full, and would prefer a drop down list like a real address book. It may be better to use the default address book with a proper lookup on the first few letters etc etc. Does anyone know how o access the address book of the default email program. Even if it's a webmail program?
  5. The tip-strip is controllable through a property node. If you set the value of the tip strip to blank then it does not show up. Best wishes John
  6. It depends what you are looking for. If the job is creative it might be worthwhile putting in a question which will indicate creativity. A friend routinely asks really off the wall questions. "Next week we have a conference exhibit and we need an elephant for our stand. Where do you think we could get an elephant from?"
  7. QUOTE (crelf @ Aug 6 2008, 12:14 AM) Well, I'd think that it does increase the probability that it's a good address if the domain is there! Here's what I've got so far
  8. The stated purpose of the routine is to remove intermittent spikes in the data. Median would be better than mean for this purpose. It takes the middle value of the set, rather than the average, so a couple of high values are lost entirely and do not change the median the way the average does. This, of course raises a question of how to compute the median, it needs to put the items in order and pick the middle one. Doing this on a continuous basis seems likely to respond to ingenuity, since as you move on to the next point, n-1 points are already in order in the buffer. John
  9. This routine is useful to check on the location of all VI's in your project. I generally use a rather simple structure without dynamically loaded vi's so it works for me. It's written in LV 7.0 The problem it is aimed to solve is to ensure that you are not linking in vi's from other projects, and that all your vi's are in their expected places. John
  10. Hello I'm very interested to try and leverage the new low cost PC's in various monitoring applications that we make in LV. The issue that I face is that I've a licensse to use LV on Windows, but not on Linux and It's easier to choose a Windows based computer than the more natural Linux one because of the issues of acquiring a new version of LV. Recently I've begun using the option in the build application where a small caller application calls a llb library with the LV source code. Is it possible to have a generic small loader app and avoid the expense of a whole development version of LV fo
  11. LabView tends to run rather slowly if there is a shortage of memory. John
  12. I'm not sure why I'm freaking you out... However, freaked or not you did me a kind service and pointed to a good location for jpeg handling and resizing. John
  13. Hello I want the user to choose a file by clicking on this thumbnail. In teh regular file menu the files come up as a llist, and I have to go to the menu bar of the file dialog to set it to thumbnails. Anyoe got an idea how to do this? John
  14. Hello Here is an LV7.0 version that I've modified a little. If I recall correctly the OpenG version I started with had issues with linefeeds, but maybe I misremember. I've used it extensively to read voice mails from Vonage. Sorry it's so messy, I kept meaning to tidy it up and then I moved the project to php! I've only tried the decode. Good Luck John
  15. Hello I've been having a difficult time with a bank of 8 fieldpoint modules controlling some ovens and valves. The modules would not respond to commands and Max would claim that the modules did not exist. Sometimes it would work fine and at the next power-on all is wrong again, even teh ready light did not come on in the modules. To correct this I used two power suppllies, one to the Network module, and another to the supplementary supply that is connected from one module to the next. So far this is a big improvement...it works properly. Can it be that the electrical noise is screwing thin
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