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6251M Device Not Present


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I have recently run into an interesting problem. I have a new 8105 controller, 1031 chassis, and two 6251 DAQ cards. My labview program on this machine starts up with windows (XPSP2). However, when the program initalizes, it gets a device not present error. If you stop and start the program again, or close it and reopen it, it works fine, the device is there. Similarly , if you take the program out of the startup folder and launch it manually after windows starts, it works fine. It appears to me that windows has not finished recognizing the hardware, or the drivers are not fully loaded by the time my program launches when it is in the startup folder, causing this error.

Unfortunately, this is a gage in a production environment, so it HAS to start up with windows. The only solution i have found so far is to put a delay of several seconds into the beginnning of the program before configuring tasks. This seems to allow windows and nidaq to finish doing their thing so i dont get the error. Anyone else have this problem or know of a workaround other than a time delay??

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I've seen stuff like that happen. It seems to be a Windows thing. Lots of stuff is launching at once, and not all drivers and services are initialized before your startup shortcuts are executed. I recommend a little tool called Startup Delayer. It lets you specify a time delay for any number of applications to launch after startup.

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