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Enum Style Menu Ring


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I like to use enums in my programming because of the text output they have when using a case structure as opposed to a menu rings numeric output.

Is there a way to make a control or xcontrol that uses the menu ring for the control, but outputs an enum style value??

I know this could probably be accomplished by using the menu rings string property but i'd rather have a separate control i can implement.

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Which property of the menu ring are you refering to? Is it the way it looks or the fact that you can change it dynamically?

Obviously, you can't change strings in enums dynamically because they're part of the data type.

If you want a similar control which outputs strings you can use the combo box (from the string palette).

If you want an enum which looks like a ring you can use the system enum. If you want LabVIEW style controls, I think you will have to do some customizing and copying of images to get the look you desire.

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