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Drag and Drop Connector Terminals

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I am frustrated when having to rewire connector terminal definitions. Is there a way of dragging one terminal to an open terminal as opposed to disconecting a terminal in the definition and rewiring, then relinking all instances. It would be very nice if I could just drag and drop and all is done automatically.


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One related little-known trick:

If you change to the "Operating" tool (the little hand) before you first click on a connector terminal, the tool will magically change to the "Wiring" tool permanently, and you can then at least go back and forth between controls and terminals more quickly, since you can click on a control first, rather than having to always click on the terminal first.


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QUOTE (mballa @ Sep 22 2008, 12:37 PM)

Thanks I will look at your tool, is what versions does it work with, I use 8.51 as my primary bet use 7.0+ on various projects (have not loaded 8.6 yet)

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