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High frequency remote data acquisition design

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Hi all,

This is my first post. I'm fairly new to Labview and having some difficulties with a project I'm working on but hopefully some of you experts can lend guidance.

I'm desiging a system to perform remote data acquisition and processing at very high frequency. I have a set of sensors connected to a bluetooth enabled ADC which will communicate to a bluetooth transceiver connected to the CompactRIO's serial interface. I need to sample 8 16-bit channels at upwards of 400 Hz and process the output string (binary parsing and some conversion) as well host a user interface (for controls and plotting the data) and store the data in a database.

I currently have a real-time architecture that uses sampling loop, processing loop, and an RT fifo as well as event generated for interface buttons. Unfortunately it seems as though I'm hitting the upper limits of the controller's processing capacity with the amount of sampling, processing, and network communication that has to be carried out and have found that the RT fifo quickly builds up and I have to periodically empty it to prevent the system from halting. Right now, everything is being run in a single vi (bad programming practice, I know!) because it made debugging a little simpler.

I've heard a few suggestions such as using the FPGA or using separate host and remote vis but since I have very limited experience, I'm not sure what is the proper approach or where to begin. I think if someone could suggest a good software architecture, I can find tutorials and learn about implementation details myself.

To reiterate, this is the hardware I am using.

CompactRIO NI cRIO-9014

Bluetooth serial adapter

Bluetooth ADC


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