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Folder copy... bad behavior?

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This may be a bug, or may be just an "expected behavior". Given that it's not hard to reproduce, I suspect it's been seen before.


1. In the Windows file system, create the folders C:\Original, C:\Original\Path1, and C:\Original\Path2.

2. Run the attached VI.

Expected either:

1. An error: the folder C:\Destination does not exist.


2. No error, and the folders C:\Destination\Path1 and C:\Destination\Path2 are created.

Actual result, no errors:

1. First iteration of the loop creates C:\Destination

2. Second iteration of the loop creates C:\Destination\Path2

Can anyone provide confirmation or insight?


Joe Z.

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I've attached an image so those without LV8.6 can comment.

Looking at the built-in help docs for the copy function we read this:


For example, if you copy the directory c:\app to d:\app2, the function creates a new directory d:\app2 with the same contents as c:\app. The second time you copy the directory, the function creates a new subdirectory d:\app2\app and places the contents of app there. The third time you copy the directory, the function returns a Duplicate Path error.
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