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storing into array


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Hi guys ive encountered problems storing values into an array. What Im trying to do is generate a number then store it into the array and generate another number then store this new number into the array without using the 2 for loops that was taught on labview basic manual. For eg, If im using a 1d array and it consists of 5 elements. n = 0,1,2,3,4. so how isit possible for me to store it into an array if for example ive generated a number then i need to store it into n= 0 then generate another number then store it into n = 1...

ok guys i think its impossible for u to understand wad ive just asked therefore ive attached this picture...basically Ain would receive an analogue signal and the Eng unit would convert it into a numeric....and i want this to be store into n = 0 of the array because later on i would need to extract another Ain and store it n = 1...how is that possible? thanks guys.

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In the array pallete, you will find the Build Array function. Wiring your array and the element you want to add as inputs, you will get what you are desiring here. Another way would be to use the Insert Into Array function, where you have more control of where you would like to add the element in the array.

Look in the LabVIEW help for examples and more descriptions of these and many other native LabVIEW functions.

Hope this helped get you on the right track.

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