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TestStand Model for automatic test equip?

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I need a model that is specific for a automatic test equipment. It contains of a roundtable with 2 positions, position 1 DUT, positions 2 New DUT / DUT that has just been tested. The roundtable has a two hand start button. When the user presses them, the roundtable turns the new DUT in to the test equipment. The roundtable gives a ready signal to the test PC signaling that TestStand can start the test. Now TestStand has to auto generate a S/N from a database from a certain criteria that I won't write of here. The auto generating dialog should also have a button where the user can stop the test, and is the user no presses STOP then the dialog auto closes. Now TestStand can start testing the DUT. When the test is finished TestStand signaling test Passed / Failed and the user presses the two hand buttons and the new DUT is passed in to the equipment and the procedure starts over again. The operator should only be using the keyboard as little as possible.

My problem is that I don't know how much to fit in the model at what to write in the sequence? And how do I make the STOP button in my dialog being the one that stops TestStand if needed?

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