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Embedding a LabVIEW Binary in a .NET Application?

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We in the position of consolidating a LabVIEW pass-through application that communicates with a .NET application via a .NET interface. The LabVIEW pass-through application talks in turn via TCP to our main tool application:

.NET Application <=> LabVIEW pass-through application (binary) <=> TCP <=> LabVIEW main tool application (binary).

We'd like to remove this pass-through application and provide native NI Vision functionality natively in the .NET application - which I believe we can do with NI Vision. I'd like to understand if anyone out there has been able to embed a LabVIEW binary into a .NET application, so as to make the UI appear seamless. This is not our preferred route, but may prevent us from completely re-writing the UI in LabVIEW, otherwise we will need to heavily customize our .NET UI to support message passing and live camera output via NI Vision.

Any thoughts?


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I don't know if the vision module has a .NET interface and I'm not entirely clear on how your system is set up and what you want to do, but here are a couple of options:

1. Compile a DLL in LabVIEW (this should be an option in the project). This is the closest you can come to what I think you want.

2. Look at the LabVIEW VIs calling the vision C functions and reimplement those calls in .NET.

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