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introducing IRWI - ILVG.it RSS reader


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Hi all,

i wrote this little tool , a widget, that is a RSS reader for the ILVG.it RSS feed.

It's 100% written in labview and i decide to release under BSD Open Source License.

The tool is in alpha version and for sure has a huge margin of improvement, but works.

The code is simple to understand and very simple to adapt to use RSS from different site, for example LAVA RSS...

Should be great if some of you labview guru take care to implement the LAVA customization and also better if we decide to create a "labview community RSS reader" able to show all the RSS coming from all the labview related sites.

You can download IRWI here http://www.agilesystems.it/wp-content/uplo.../irwi-alpha.zip


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