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Prep course for CLAD and CLD

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QUOTE (menghuihantang @ Feb 25 2009, 12:29 PM)

Basic I & II and some practice =====> CLAD

Intermediate I&II and experience =====> CLD

This is the way NI has set up the exams. When I took my CLD exam a few years back they wanted you to program something similar to the course project in Intermediate I, albeit not quite as complex.

Just remember to program your code the way NI wants people to code, which is not necessarily the way most people (even good ones) do code.

I am still not over their taking points from me for using the Tick Counter in my timing function. And yes, I do know that it will roll over. But that only matters once it has rolled over twice, which gives you about 50 days to work with. Much more than was required in the exam. :angry:

Same goes for the multiple choice questions. The correct one is the one NI wants to hear not necessarily the one you ore other people think is the right one.

The Advanced course is supposed to prepare you for the CLA exam.

Hope that helps.


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