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errors when downloading text files from URL using datasocket

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Hi. newbe here {to this forum that is...}

I have hit a stumbling block and I am hoping to find an answer here.

I am using LV 6.0

I use a datasocket function to download a text file from the internet that is typically around 1.5MB in size.

I have used this same function without hitch when downloading an html file (3.5KB) but when I try this with a text (*.txt) file I get errors.

The error reads as follows:

Error -2146797887 occurred at DataSocket Read in module.load.archived data-a.vi.

Possible reasons:

Windows GetCommError: The hex value of this code is x76C1.

Interpret it bit-wise as follows: x4000: serial port VI error; x0001: receiving queue overflowed or character was received after end-of-file character; x0002: character was lost by overwrite; x0004: parity error; x0008: framing error; x0010: break condition; x0020: CTS timeout; x0040: DSR timeout; x0080: RLSD timeout; x0100: transmission queue was full when new character arrived; x0200: parallel device timeout; x0400: parallel device I/O error; x0800: parallel device not selected; x1000: parallel device out of paper; x8000: requested mode is not supported or the idComDev parameter is invalid. Consult the LabVIEW serial port manual for more information.

Am I overflowing a buffer? What buffer? How do I resolve this?

The html file I am refering to is @ http://weather.noaa.gov/pub/data/observations/metar/cycles/

It loads fine.

The text file I am refering to is any of the text files listed in above URL.

Can anyone help?

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