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executable user interface

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I have written a program by labview. now every one can change my program because my source code is in touch.i now NI has a program for change a written program in the form of exe program. but that istoo expensive . by theway with that program there isn't any necessity to have LABVIEW for running your program. but i only want my program be exe in labview environment .

what isthe solution for that?

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QUOTE (Kal @ Mar 7 2009, 11:23 AM)

You can password protect your VI so that no one will be able to open the block diagram.

File>>VI Properties>>Protection and select 'Password-Protected'.


thanks for your advice . i checked it by there isn't any changes in accessing to source of program. i use of labview

version 7 and my VI's are DEMO. can affect the functionality of protection ?

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