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Start and pause while


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to finish my project with pic and labview through serial port and i have been stucked in something and i want your help.

I use cases to saperate three chanels that i am taking from the pic and send them from the serial port to labview. My problem is that i want the program to start making calculations when i send it one letter for example "S" (as start), S CaseA CaseB CaseC CaseA CaseB CaseC (pause_labview wait for the next start) S CaseA CaseB CaseC CaseA CaseB CaseC......somethink like this.

Furtheremore as you can see i have to calculate the rms value of the three chanels. As you can see the value of rms is always changing but i want to see this value every 250 new values of my signal.

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I'm not sure I understand your question. What do you mean by pause LabVIEW (Wait Milliseconds ???)? Which part of your system will be sending the "S" character to start the aquistion (LabVIEW or PIC)?

Also, your VISA read timeout is ridiculously high (300000000). I imagine you use the 'Abort' button alot ;) Could you explain why you chose this value?

Anyway, try posting a flowchart or something that better illustrates what your trying to accomplish? Then, we can go from there.


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thanks for answer Dan!!

i send from my microcontroller 10 periods = 250 values.

when labview takes the last value,then appears the result and wait for another

250 values .my problem is that i don't want to run continusly

i want to take 250 values ,calculate ,and then wait to take other 250 values.

if i can reset tables every 250 values ???

one thought is to add to more cases ,as example "S" for beginning and "W" at the end

at the "S" i will do ENABLE table and at "W" i will do RESET table...

is it possible to do this automatically???

i hope to understand...

3000000 is "byte to read " is very high because data are too many!

when i put it at smaller value i have bad signals!!

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