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Now I need to provide continuity and reliability. I have a LabView program in the health care sector and I'd like to pass over the maintenance and continued development to another company. What kind of deals can be struck here? I am a solo developer who is getting on in years.

Taking over a program can be tiresome. It needs to get under version control, translation into other languages than English will likely become important. One of my goals is to move myself away from all of this entirely, to have someone else do the troubleshooting and the database maintenance on the various hospital servers. To avoid the discussion about new features and the increasingly complex .ini file.

Is there a way to link this work with a fraction of the income? Obviously if there is no activity there will be little demand for modifications, and probably vice versa. How do discussions go between salesmen wanting additional features and maintenance groups thinking it's still OK?

My plan is to make a kind of federation of sellers who market the program into the various target markets, and this developer company which is responsible for providing continuity and maintenance as well as specialized installation services to hospital servers for example.

Yours Sincerely


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