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Aristos Queue

Bounded queues on RT: correction to what I've told some of you

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I've been asked about queues on RT a few times this year and I gave the wrong answer, so I want to correct that here because (a) I don't remember exactly who I was talking to and (b) I don't know who else in the community may have heard my answer from those original people.

If you call Obtain Queue and give it a maximum size for the queue, on RT the queue will go ahead and allocate its buffer to be the maximum size. I was incorrect that you need to have an initial loop to allocate space in the queue before you use it.

The "allocate space on RT" behavior goes back to LV 7.0. Only in LV 6.1 did you have to have an initial loop to allocate the buffer.

I apologize for anyone that I misled.

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