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Eric Olson

--see readme file for email address


Conway's Game of Life is a fun little simulation of a group of cells. How new cells are born and how old cells die is decided by a simple set of rules, but can lead to complicated behavior by the entire colony. I've always found this simulation to be interesting and I thought coding it in LabVIEW would be a fun exercise. Comments and critiques of either the game or of my coding style are always welcome.

The basic rules are simple:

1. A cell that has one or zero neighbors dies of lonliness.

2. A cell that has four or more neighbors dies of overcrowding.

3. An empty cell that has exactly three neighbors containes a new cell in the following generation.

A thorough explanation of the Game can be found at http://web.archive.o...7s_game_of_life .


This uses the OpenG time, file, and variantconfig libraries. They are not included.

Download them via the OpenG Package Manager: http://web.archive.o...p?showtopic=233

Change Log:

1.0.0: Initial release of the code.

1.0.1: Include readme.txt in the zip file.

1.1.0: Added Open and Save As functions (in the menubar). Added an About dialog. Removed the Exit button (redundant to Close).

1.1.1: Forgot to include the .rtm file in the distribution. Rows/columns now update when opening a .gol file.

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