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Windows Environment Variable Reader Writer

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Windows Environment Variable Reader Writer Vc

Copyright © 2006, Brian Hoover

All rights reserved.


Brian Hoover

**see email address in readme txt**



This Vi was made so that you can easily view and create environment variables from within Windows XP.


You are able to read all environment variables which you have available to you at the command prompt by typing "set". It also can write environment variables by writing them to the registry in the following location:


Also for added safty it will check the name you are trying to use, and won't allow its creation if a variable with that name already exists.


To use this VI you need to be using Labview version 8.20. With Labview 8.20 installed open the VariableReadWrite.vi file, then click run. While it's running open the View Variables tab and click "Refresh Variables" to view all your command prompt variables.

Two String arrays are created, the Name of the variables, and their values. A text window is also displaying what the user would see if they typed "set" at a command prompt.

To create a variable open the Create Variables tab and fill in the information for Variable Name and Variable Value; then click Create Variable. Please note that you may need to log off then back on for the new variable to take effect.

If needed there is a "Run Regedit" button which will open the registry. From here you can see the newly created variables in the location mentioned in the Features section.

When you are done click stop to end the program.

Version History:


Initial release of the code.

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