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Project Copy Tool (LV 8.0.x) V1.3.2

Copyright © 2006, i2dx

All rights reserved.



--see readme file for contact information.


Purpose: copy a complete VI-Hierarchy of a Project to a new directory starting with the TopLevel VI ...

it works quite good with my projects, and i hope you will find it usefull. please report bugs, if you use it!


it builds the complete vi-hierarchy starting at the top-level vi

it extracts VIs which are bound to lvlibs when copying to the new folder

it replaces Project - prefixes (i work with project prefixes ...) eg. BMW_MTestV1_Main.vi --> NewProjectPrefix_Main.vi


it does create lvlibs

it does not create lvproject files

the workaround for the drawbacks are 2 mouseclicks in the project explorer window, so I avoid the work right now ...

known issues:

if you have bound an vi to a lvlib, which does not longer exist, LabVIEW will force you to search the vi --> probably you have to press the "Ignore" butten very often


copy it to your project directory and call it from the tools-menu with "duplicate project ..."

Version History:


Initial release of the code.

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