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Vector Waveform XControl 1.0.2 ].25

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About This File

lavag_lib_User_Interface_XControls_Vector_Waveform v1.0.2.25 by University of Leeds

Author: Gavin Burnell

Copyright: Copyright © 2011, University of Leeds

License: BSD

Compatible LabVIEW Versions: >= 2018

Compatible OS Versions: ALL.


This package uses two instances of my Waveform XControl to make a vector waveform - i.e. magnitude and direction or x and y co-ordinates. The resultant vector waveform is plotted on the third tab of the Xcontrol. The XControl can be switched between polar or cartesian co-ordinate modes and it is possible to vary both co-ordinates together or repeating one for every point on the other - thus allowing 2D scans to be built up. The waveform is represented as a complex number where the real co-ordinate corresponds to the X axis and the imaginary to the y. I use this in my own code to allow users to control both a vector magnet and to setup a laser scanning system.

Release Notes:

This Package depends on these other packages:

lavag_lib_user_interface_xcontrole_waveform_xcontrol >=

oglib_array >= 3.0.0

What's New in Version 1.0.2 ].25   See changelog


  •  Update due to updated unerlying dependency on the waveform function generator XControl.

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