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  1. Waveform XControl

    Copyright © 2008, University of Leeds, UK
    All rights reserved.
    Gavin Burnell
    --see readme file for contact information
    This XControl provides a function generator wrapped up in an XControl that outputs an analogue waveform
    data type. Supports sine, square, ramp, saw tooth, parabolic, cubic, quartic and arbitrary functions with adjustable amplitudes, offsets, and number of periods with no further coding. User interface provides a graph that updates in response to user changes to the controls.
    XControl will adjust layout as it is resized, and provides properties to set the visibility of the axes scales, y=0 marker and a current index position marker.



  2. Vector Waveform XControl

    lavag_lib_User_Interface_XControls_Vector_Waveform v1.0.2.25 by University of Leeds
    Author: Gavin Burnell
    Copyright: Copyright © 2011, University of Leeds
    License: BSD
    Compatible LabVIEW Versions: >= 2018
    Compatible OS Versions: ALL.
    This package uses two instances of my Waveform XControl to make a vector waveform - i.e. magnitude and direction or x and y co-ordinates. The resultant vector waveform is plotted on the third tab of the Xcontrol. The XControl can be switched between polar or cartesian co-ordinate modes and it is possible to vary both co-ordinates together or repeating one for every point on the other - thus allowing 2D scans to be built up. The waveform is represented as a complex number where the real co-ordinate corresponds to the X axis and the imaginary to the y. I use this in my own code to allow users to control both a vector magnet and to setup a laser scanning system.
    Release Notes:
    This Package depends on these other packages:
    lavag_lib_user_interface_xcontrole_waveform_xcontrol >=
    oglib_array >= 3.0.0



  3. Calculator_XControl_LV2010

    Calculator XControl_LV2010 v1.0.0
    Copyright © 2009, Prabhakant Patil
    All rights reserved.
    Author: Prabhakant Patil
    LAVA Name: Prabhakant Patil
    Contact Info: Contact via PM on lavag.org
    LabVIEW Versions:2010
    Dependencies: Required Labview proffesional version to create XControl
    Description: This example is developed using XControl
    Known Issues: You can not debug the XControl
    Version History: v1.0.0: Initial release of the code.
    License: BSD
    Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses)
    See link for a full description of the license.
    If you have any problems with this code or want to suggest features:
    please go to lavag.org and Navigate to LAVA > Resources > Code Repository (Certified) and
    search for the "Calculator XControl_LV2010" support page.
    This code was downloaded from the LAVA Code Repository found at lavag.org



  4. XControl Inheritance

    Copyright © 2007, T. Plomp
    All rights reserved.
    T. Plomp
    --see readme file for contact information
    This tool allows XControl to (seemingly) natural inherit properties from their daughters.
    Version 1.1 includes better documentation (F1), and is better structured and more fail save.This program will allow the generation of Inheritance for XControls.
    It offers the option to generate new XControls fit for this tool.
    The programs are called via Tools->XControlInheritance
    The programs are located under \LavaCR\XcontrolInheritance
    Installation via .OGP with OpenG Commander (http://commander.openg.com) or VI Package Manager (http://www.vipm.com/vipm).
    Or manual by placing the zip contents folder into %labview%\Project\LAVA\XControlInheritance
    Start up from 'tools->LAVA->XControlInheritance' and pres F1 for detailed instructions
    Good luck,
    The code uses the following OpenG libraries:
    Downloadable with VIPM (www.jkisoft.com/vipm)
    Change Log:
    1.1.1: Better structured, more internal control, better documentation
    1.0.8: Update after CR feedback
    1.0.7: Initial LavaCR release of the code.



  5. Boolean XControl

    Boolean XControl version 2.2
    Copyright © 2009, Ton Plomp
    All rights reserved.
    Ton Plomp
    This code was downloaded from:
    Direct OGP download
    This XControl has a configurable apperance, functioning as a boolean it can show a custom picture with a custom (formatted) text.
    On initial drop of the XControl it will show a browse window to load a picture (png, jpeg or bmp) as view of the boolean.
    After that the GUI configuration of the XControl is shown where the position of string an picture can be set amongst other things.
    The XControl has 3 possible boolean behaviours:
    -Switch when pressed
    The boolean value will change as soon as the mouse is down on the XControl
    -Switch when release
    The boolean value will change as soon as the mouse goes up on the XControl, the button will react on the mouse-down
    -Switch until released
    The boolean value will be changed when the mouse goes down and reverts as the mouse goes up
    The button itself can be a Modern, Classic, System or System Decoration style.
    Version 2.2.0 introduces nudging of the button, when the button is clicked the button (optionally) moves 1 pixel down,
    For the developer it has the following advantages:
    -Have a configurable boolean button with customizable interface and behaviour, all of the items can be controlled via VI-server
    Unzip to a custom location.
    Explore the possibilites with the included Demo.vi which is linked to the XControl in XControl\BooleanXControl_LCR.xctl
    To reuse this XControl in mulitple projects install the OGP file with VIPM (http://www.jkisoft.com/vipm), after installation it will be located in:
    You have to manually add it to your palette, since LabVIEW won't index XControls.
    To hide the use of the XControl to developers you should lock the facade vi (Abilities\BX.Facade__LCR.vi) so the 'Show diagram' options isn't shown.
    The zip includes a CreateIconVI.vi which will convert any given picture (preferably a 32x32 png) into a VI constant with the icon of the VI the same as the picture. This can be usefull to include some constant pictures inside code that is controlling the XControl
    Known issues:
    Do not apply multiple properties in one property node, this is a bug in LabVIEW 8.0/8.2
    See this LAVA discussion: http://forums.lavag....trol-t8869.html
    Version History:
    2.2.0 (21 september 2009): Added 'Nudge' as an option
    Added different button styles (Classic, Modern, System, Decoration)
    Added a 'Show on Hover' option
    On initial drop the terminal is drawn as an icon
    Fixed dependencies of the OGP
    Fixed an 'Alwasy browse upon options' bug
    2.1.0 (6 may 2009): Fixed a bug that closed up the project when it was closed when a VI with the Boolean XControl was still open.
    Added an MNU file
    Changed development version to 8.5
    2.0.12: Changed the default lettertype to be the first one, size 10.
    Changed the default behaviour to show the 'Hilited' item
    Included a CreateIconVI.vi
    2.0.11: Second upload to Lava CR
    Uses the following OpenG toolkits, which can be downloaded with VIPM (http://www.jkisoft.com/vipm)
    oglib_appcontrol >= 2.9.1
    oglib_error >= 2.3.2
    oglib_file >= 2.8.2
    nirsc_html_help_common >= 1.0.1
    oglib_array >= 2.7.1
    aglib_string >= 2.6.1
    oglib_lvdata >= 2.8.1
    Distributed under the BSD license.



  6. Truncate Path Xcontrol

    Copyright © 2007, Ton Plomp
    All rights reserved.
    Ton Plomp
    --see readme file for contact information
    It will truncate a path to fit inside a (multiline) string.
    Besides basic funtionality it has the following properties:

    Truncated string (Read only property that will return the truncated string) Button Visible (Read/Write, this property will show/hide the browse button) Browse properties (Read/Write, this property will set/get the browse options) Multi-Line (Read/Write, this property will set/get the multiline option of the truncated path) Methods: Truncate Path (this method uses the VIs to truncate a path to a string) Truncate Multiline Path (this method uses the VIs to truncate a path to a multiline string) For the developer it has the following advantages:
    Set the browse options with a dialog similar to the native browse options dialog Browse for a path Show/Hide browse button Control the multiline-ness of the control Known issues: No drag and drop Bounds of indicator/control include (invisible) browse button Version history
    1.1.0Includes multiline truncation Distributed as LLB [*]1.0.0
    Initial release of the code



  7. Multi-Column Listbox XControl

    Copyright © 2007, Karissa Purcell
    All rights reserved.
    Karissa Purcell
    --see readme file for contact information
    An XControl with enhanced features for the multi-column. To access X-Control features select More… from the shortcut menu.

    Automatic Ordering -. The Rows are ordered by a selected column in either ascending or descending mode (alphabetically). Columns can be selected by clicking on the column header with the hand tool. The sorted row is displayed in bold font with a \/ or /\ marker at the end of the name. Value Filtering – Rows can be hidden by applying value filters. The value filters will apply upper and lower limits (alphabetical) for columns. Alternate Line Colouring – Gives the Multi-Column Listbox a professional look by applying an alternating background and text row colour. Dependencies:
    Labview 8.5.x or higher
    Open G Array Library: oglib_array
    Change Log:
    1.2.0: Fixed edit cell behaviour. Improved ability to convet older versions.
    1.1.0: Added more commenting. Fixed bug in cell editing of column headers. Added saving of adjusted column widths. Added example vi.
    1.0.0: Initial release of the code.



  8. Multistate Boolean LED Indicator

    Multistate Boolean LED Indicator V1.0.0
    Copyright © 2008, Phillip Duncan
    All rights reserved.
    Phillip Duncan
    --see readme file for contact information
    I have had many people ask for an LED type indicator for their project. During development, I often get asked to have this Boolean (ie 2 state) indicator display one of (more than 2) colours.
    Whilst that in itself is not difficult, more often than not I am then asked to make the Boolean LED flash as well to highlight certain states.
    For example a single LED will often need to indicate the following states:
    OFF (green, red or grey)
    ON (Green, red or grey)
    Flashing (green, red, any other colour)
    I have had so much demand for this functionality, that I decided to develop this XControl and share it with the LabVIEW Community.
    Many thanks must go to Aristos Queue and his inspiring "Scrolling LED XControl" example.
    This XControl is a typical Boolean LED indicator that can also be configured to flash between two user defined colours. The flashing interval can also be modified.
    When not flashing, the XControl behaves as a normal Boolean LED.
    This XControl is an indicator only is is not intended to be used as a control.
    There are no OpenG dependencies for this XCtonrol
    Known Issues:
    If you save this code for version 8.0/8.2, you may encounter issues trying to assign multiple properties in one property node.
    This is a bug in LabVIEW 8.0/8.2
    Change Log:
    1.0.0 Initial release



  9. simple gauge LabVIEW XControl

    GISXControl Technology Preview Version 0.0.1
    Copyright © 2009, Technogerma Systems France S.A.R.L.
    All rights reserved.
    This project is a technology preview of a simple gauge LabVIEW XControl limited in features and visual aspect.
    The XControl is based on a C wrapper on our Graphical Instruments Solution (GIS).
    GIS is a set of instruments currently in development (Buttons, LEDs, Gauges, Knobs, Sliders, LCDs, Switches, Tanks, Thermometers, ...) with the following main features:
    - C++ library based on Qt framework
    - Multiplatform (Mac, Linux, Windows)
    - Skin system based on SVG and XML to customize the appearance of each instrument
    - Property system to customize the behaviour of each instrument
    - Double license: Open source and commercial
    The purpose of this technology preview is to see if such a library of XControls could be usefull and to get feedbacks from LabVIEW users community.
    1. Copy mingwm10.dll, QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll and QtSvg4.dll into your LabVIEW installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6)
    2. Open the project
    3. Run the demo.vi
    Linux and Mac
    Not yet available. If you are interested in a Linux or Mac version please contact us.
    Known issues:
    - Performance issue when the value change rate is too fast. This will introduce a desynchronization between the current value and the displayed value.
    This is due to the XControl architecture that stacks data changed events. See http://forums.lavag.org/XControl-DataChanged-events-stacking-t13459.html for more details.
    If you have questions or if you want to give some feedback you can send mail to gisxcontrol@technogerma.fr or post directly on GISXControl LAVA support forum thread.
    - XControl is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (see license.txt for details)
    - QLVXControl library is the property of Technogerma Systems France S.A.R.L. but is freely redistribuable
    Third party:
    - Pointer System V1.1.2 by Bjornar Svingen (Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License)



  10. BlinkingLED

    Copyright © 2009, Martin Weiss.
    All rights reserved.
    Martin Weiss
    --see readme file for contact information
    Implements a blinking LED with adjustable blinking interval.
    The value of this XControl is the blinking interval in milliseconds.
    Minimal value allowed is 100ms. This XControl acts as an indicator only.
    Inspired by Aristos Queue's "Scrolling LED XControl" example. Many thanks for that!
    Change Log:
    1.0.0: Initial release.



  11. Capacity indicator

    Copyright © 2007 SAPHIR (Olivier JOURDAN) All rights reserved.
    Olivier JOURDAN
    --see readme file for contact information
    Use capacity indicator to provide information about the level or amount of something that has well defined minimum and maximum values. For example, you might use a capacity indicator to showthe current level of storage-space usage on a server or the charge left in a battery.
    * Usefull interface to set properties (colors and threshold)
    * All settings are modifiable by property
    * Refresh value of capacity indicator with percent of disk used by method
    Just unzip the code into any folder of your choice and select the file "CapacityIndicator.xctl" as a control.
    This code has been tested to run under LabVIEW 8.2.1
    Change Log
    * 2.0.3 : Change to BSD Licence
    * 2.0.2 : Added comments and documentation - Fixed initialisation bug
    * 2.0.1 : Initial submission to LAVA CR.



  12. PTA IP Address

    Copyright © 2007, PrimeTest Automation, Inc.
    All rights reserved.
    Dan Press
    --see readme file for contact information
    This code has been tested to run under LabVIEW 8.2.1 and 8.5.0. Just unzip the code into any folder of your chosing and select the file "IP Address.xctl" as a control.
    - Exists as a string control / indicator for IP addresses
    - Provides a convenient way to enter an IP address
    - Filters all but number keys
    - Advances through the four bytes of an IP address automatically
    If you have any problems with this code or want to suggest features, please post to the LAVA forum.
    Version History:
    Initial release of the code.
    Added custom icon to the block diagram terminal (thanks Mike!)
    Fixed vertical resize (very short) on drop in 8.2.
    Added support for backspace and delete.
    Using character values instead of scancodes for key down filter event.
    Learned that the decimal point in the keypad and the delete key have the same scancode.
    Added documentation to the XControl properties.



  13. Hover Button Xcontrol

    Copyright © 2007, Randall Pursley
    All rights reserved.
    Randall Pursley
    --see readme file for contact information
    The is an Xcontrol that gives a Boolean button, Hover button functionality. As the mouse 'hovers' over the button,
    the appearance of the button changes to indicate that is the case. The change in appearance can be user defined
    initially and programmatically.
    Labview 8.2.x or higher
    hopefully any OS (tested with XP)
    Change Log:
    1.0.0: Initial release of the code.
    1.1.0: Added ability to change Font properties of boolean text



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