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About This File

This toolkit allows you to directly communicate with you Mercurial repository, from within the LabVIEW project environment.

This toolkit acts as an extension of the supplied LabVIEW SCC interface in LabVIEW professional.

The toolkit allows you to commit, push, tag changesets. Has support for adding Issue tracking IDs.

What's New in Version 0.9.0


  • [feature request] Export/Import settings to file.
  • [bug] Diff not working.
  • [task] Have proper defaults for the dialog.
  • [task] Add a timeout to closing dialog.
  • [task] No closing dialog if there are no changes.
  • [bug] Cannot open two projects at the same time.
  • [bug] LabVIEW hangs on opening second project.
  • [feature request] Allow pushing without committing.
  • [bug] Diff locks up project window.
  • [bug] Remove empty pop up.
  • [feature request] Drop down list on 'commit' window for tag names.
  • [bug] Mercurial not listed in SCC options dialog.
  • [bug] Closing project while building. - closed.
  • [bug] Feedback screen shows toolbar.
  • [feature request] Add project name as title of closing dialog for clarificatino.
  • [bug] Checkin fails when no advanced dialog is selected.
  • [bug] Checkin commit message.
  • [feature request] Add 'add' option upon closing (and committing) of a project..
  • [feature request] Add support for a Bug-tracker ID.
  • [feature request] Add pre- install VI.
  • [bug] Slow loading of a VI with a lot of user.lib dependencies.
  • [bug] Remove breakpoints.
  • [bug] Cannot undo checkout.
  • [feature request] Add commit or push dialog after closign a project.
  • [bug] Error dialog if Mercurial root is not found.
  • [bug] Selecting Mercurial as your provider displays an error dialog.
  • [bug] Fix dependencies for OGP package.
  • [feature request] Add tag option to checkin..

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