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GPower toolsets package

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About This File

This is a submission for the GPower toolsets palette, which will also shortly be available on the NI LabVIEW Tools Network. I submit it to Lava to (of course) share it with everyone, but also to establish an open forum to discuss improvements and to provide support. Much better than hiding all this in private email conversations with each user.

The toolsets are compiled for LV2009 SP1, are provided as VIPs for VIPM, and will mass compile to at least LV2010 and LV 2011 without problems (this happens automagically during the VIP-install process for those of you that don't know VI Package Manager :cool:). The 'gpower_lib_toolsets-' is an umbrella for the four other VIPs, it doesn't add anything extra by itself.

Currently this consists of 4 toolsets:

Dynamic Dispatch

Open, pass data to (without using the front panel), run, and close dynamic VIs. A cumbersome process using VI Server made easy with this toolset.


Streamline common error wire tasks such as set, filter and clear errors and warnings, and unbundle the error cluster. Adds advanced features such as dynamic setting of custom global errors, that you can invoke from anywhere in your application, and bundling errors into a single error wire. No more need for arrays of error clusters!


Calculate elapsed and remaining time, and abort a running Wait function for instance.


High performance "global variables" that lets you pass data between any corners of your application. It's based on queues, so a "global" that does not involve using front panel controls, files, or the LV project - it all happens in the block diagram. In most cases you don't even have to pass a refnum around, just drop a VIRegister somewhere and you're done.

If this thread generates too much noise across the different toolsets, we could split this into 4 submissions. But lets see how it goes. More toolsets are awaiting release, but I'll start with these four to get a feel for the process.



What's New in Version


  • v1.0.0.6 15/3 2012
  • ------------------
  • - Added GPower VIRegister toolset v1.4.0.4
  • - Updated GPower Timing toolset to v1.0.0.4
  • v1.0.0.5 6/3 2012
  • -----------------
  • - GPower DynamicDispatch toolset v1.0.0.8
  • - GPower Error toolset v1.2.0.14
  • - GPower Timing toolset v1.0.0.3

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