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Copyright © 2007, Norman J. Kirchner, Jr.

All rights reserved.

Norman J. Kirchner, Jr.


Norman J. Kirchner, Jr

--see readme file for contact information


Package to provide smart tree functionality without assumption of type of data (ie, file paths or others)

Gives ability to modify contents, extract information and control the branches.

A good understanding of how the LV tree truly operates as a fancy multi-column listbox is very useful although not required.

An expample program if not present on the forums, will be in place soon.


LV version above base package


Add Item

Modify Item

Remove Item

Get All Items

Get Top Level Items

Get Items Parent

Get Selected Item

Get Siblings

Get Children

Get Item Properties

Check Tag Valid

Convert Tag to Text

Find Tag from Text

Outdent at Item

Indent At Item



Empty Tree


Capable of working w/ LV 7 or later but uploaded version is for LV 8.2. Please request previous version if necessary.

Good to recognize that the tree control is just a fancy multi-column listbox.


1.0.0 Initial Release

1.0.1 Example program added

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