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lava_lib_LabVIEW_API_scripting_tools v0.22.1.21 by University of Leeds

Author: Gavin Burnell

Copyright: Copyright © 2007-2010, University of Leeds

License: BSD

Compatible LabVIEW Versions: >= 8.6.

Compatible OS Versions: ALL.


This is a LabVIEW 8.6.1 Library of VIs to help with scripting.

The public VIs include routines to get hold of the block diagram references, control terminal references, get the connector pane reference and select the connector pane pattern and wire controls up to it. There are a number of routines to help wire the block diagram up, including creating a selection of the primitives (I got bored of coding them all up !).

I've stuck in some routines that work with tags - hidden away is the capability to tag LabVIEW vi-server objects with arbitary data. One possibility is to use this to identify bits of the block diagram of a vi for moving and rewiring via scripting.

The scripting Tools includes a separate XNode support library that provides routines to help scripting and terminal adaptation in XNodes.

There are some routines to help with undo transactions new to this release.

This Package Conflicts with these other packages:

LAVAG_scripting_tools >= 0.0

Scripting Tools >= 0.0

What's New in Version 0.24.0   See changelog


  • 0.24.0 Added Copy and WireTagged Element function and replaced Find tagged and replace function with a bug fixed one - both contributions of Greg Sands
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