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  1. That's good to hear, I guess I don't need to use this meme.
  2. Thanks for the update. There's lots of reasons to see less activity on the forums. Life happens, people get stretched, people get bored, people change careers, etc. I personally try not to take your activity, or others like you, for granted. And any contribution you make to the community is always appreciated.
  3. You've probably already seen it, but there was an announcement made.
  4. That is odd. I've been getting the same warnings for a long time now but my EXEs are build just fine and work as expected after hitting Ignore a few times.
  5. I'd disable PC sleeping and hibernation, disable power management, or set it to performance, and make sure USB ports aren't being put to sleep for whatever reason. Does this happen on all USB ports? Is this through a hub? Beyond that do you have any odd software running that might be scanning for USB devices? Some employers install software to lock down the PC and it could be interacting with it in a weird way.
  6. I'm pretty sure the item selection in that tree means nothing, and setting it to -1 and disabling it might be the best option so not to confuse the user. All that matters is what items are selected with the checkbox. And even the checkbox acts like a radio button where only one item can be selected at a time. You can of course have multiple controls in a QControl, but it will only inherit from one class.
  7. As far as I know it is still happening. As usual we are a bit behind in the planning but as of right now it is still on, details to be posted when we have them.
  8. I asked a similar question a while ago and Dr. Powell chimed in with what he believes it means. EDIT: Oh and a thread where AQ explains that having a clone reference doesn't keep the main VI from leaving memory. If it does it will close the clone references that you still have a handle on and can cause crashy.
  9. I just tried with another command that is in the system folder which is "dir" here is the command line string value I used: cmd /c dir "C:\Example Project" /w This was with the Working Directory being empty.
  10. Just for others worried about CLA-R, be sure and look into the Recertify by Points, that Fab mentioned earlier. The CLA was so hard and I barely passed and never want to do it again. Luckily I'm certified until 2023, and already have some points towards certifying again. I realize not everyone wants to put in the time into getting points, and some don't have enough time to get them before certification expires. But if you have a local LabVIEW user group in your area you get 5 points for attending and 10 for presenting. You also get 15 points for participating in an NI beta. This means if you participate in 2 LabVIEW betas, and attend 4 user group meetings a year, you'll have enough points to recertify in 2 years. But of course valid criticism of NI's recertification is welcome.
  11. Is the file read only? Or protected in some way in the file system?
  12. And here are a few more links with examples from LAVA.
  13. Only if you are okay with wiping away all other setting from LabVIEW. I prefer a package method which edits my LabVIEW.ini leaving the things there that the user or base install has set. It adds some QuickDrop shortcuts for instance, but if those shortcuts are already taken (because of user preferences) then it leaves them. On uninstall of the package it removes these shortcuts, but only if they were installed in the first place.
  14. I don't think XNodes would help with this. XNodes are great for making a single thing on the block diagram do different things and encapsulate functionality in it. But there is no front panel connection with an XNode. The best you could do is maybe make an XNode, that internally links to a control reference on the FP. You'd still have the normal control terminal on the block diagram because I don't know of a way to make the control terminal itself invisible. If I could then then that would be a solution, but likely full of hacks and who knows if it actually would work well. And then you'd be dealing with a technology NI isn't interested in making more public. If QControls did have an XNode component, and it could essentially replace the native terminals and references, then I'd suspect NI would be less interested in making it part of the LabVIEW core. One nice thing about QControls today is how it is normal pure G, which as you mentioned might be why it has a hope for being ported to NXG.
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