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  1. Yeah a lot of the decisions made there seem pretty dumb looking at it now. But it was a personal project and really just needed something that could tell me if a string pulled from a webpage, had a similar enough string to a file name on disk. Good luck.
  2. I do have a very quick and dirty solution that I wrote many years ago without consulting the internet or what would be the right way to do this. That being said I just ran it on the Stack Overflow test and for: Robert, and Amy Robertson my code had a 44% match, and for Robert and Richard it had a 0% match. That being said if you can come up with anything better or more standard that would probably be better than this. Compare String Confidence.vi
  3. If the snap does work, but returns the exact same image, you might be able to detect a locked up camera by comparing the last two images and seeing that they are exactly the same. At that point I don't know if closing all references, and re-initing would help or not. I've had some success with this, depending on what caused the lock up. I've had other cameras that really seem defective and the only fix was to power off and on the camera. For that something like a relay could be used to kill the power and turn it back on. But in general I suggest using high quality ethernet based cameras because of some of these issues that I've seen in the past. Still ethernet cameras aren't without issues. I've seen firewall or antivirus software cause camera images to not acquire properly.
  4. I know this is quite old, but I recently sent a link to this when answering a question, and I realized I have added a couple of opcodes over the years that people might be interested in. Also Jing as a video recorder is old and I've been moving my videos away from it and hosting on Youtube instead. I've downloaded the two videos Norm and rehosted them there. Image Move.zip
  5. Is there a good reason that this is password protected? Other than it probably is a single call library node to some internal function?
  6. Historically support is something I've said NI and Microsoft both have been done well. Lately I'm having a harder time lately singing NI's praises for support. NI used to have all new hires work support first before going to other departments. This in general made support a bit green, and you'd need to escalate a couple of times before getting what you needed. My career started as a co-op and so being thrown into the deep end of the pool certainly helped me learn quickly. And I liked the idea of NI people all starting out having to quickly get familiar with NI's offerings, and being close to the customer issues. I suspect NI has gotten feedback over the years that this model for support didn't work well and I heard NI was changing this policy.
  7. Oh sorry, here is a VI I made a while ago for generating a GUID. It might need to be modified for the pattern you need. Generate GUID.vi
  8. Yes I too am only familiar with reading these file types but not writing. NI has the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit which is a CAN toolkit for performing XCP and CCP functions. One of which is flashing new software to an ECU over CAN. In there is the start of some code that reads SREC and HEX files. Some of the file types were had poor performance and I made an attempt at improving them. This code can be found in the CAN File IO package here. But I admit that is a whole lot of code to install for some simple file reading stuff so I've attached the important bits here. This appears to support S0 through S9 types, and some kind of HEX files that start with a ":". Looking at the code I still see some room for improvement. Hooovahh SREC and HEX.zip
  9. I don't know of a utility for doing this. But the Upgrade Code can be found as a string property in the .lvproj file. Just open it is a text editor and you can search for it. I think it is called the "MSI_upgradeCode".
  10. Yeah I like getting crafty with a 2D picture control. The demo I showed earlier has 4. One at the bottom for the progress of editing, one for the arrows that are representing the go to statements, and one for each column of the green or red checks. The columns can be click with one column toggling, and the other slides over another window for editing the step limits. The go to arrow representation has the ability to drag and drop to move around where it will go to. Clicking a step highlights it with a different color, and there can be all kinds of nested arrows which all get assigned unique colors, and does its best to not over lap while becoming larger if needed.
  11. Oh a couple of others I forgot about. Here is a Circular Graph Demo which allowed for selecting signals from a list, allowed for different scales, multiple windows, coloring, current value, pause, resume and a few other random features. And over on Reddit someone asked for an Android like interface with sliding menus.
  12. I have a few UIs and UXs that I'm proud of, but I don't know of many that I can share readily. Tabs are fine, but don't scale well. Often times when I want a tab I will end up replacing it with something else. An easy change that scales better is a single column listbox which inserts a VI into a subpanel instead. The listbox and subpanel can be in their own pane, and set to fit to the pane, and scale with it. I posted a few UI tools over the years like the Ribbon Interface toolkit, that can contribute to a nice UI. I have a sequence editor with drag and drop, looping, conditionals, go to's, that works pretty well. And I have used a set of images at the bottom as a tab replacement that shows icons along a process of setting things up. There is a back and forward button on the bottom that goes to the next step, or you can click on the icons at the bottom and it goes to that step in the process. This is a 2D picture control that can be updated easily with a new VI to be inserted in the subpanel. This sequence runs on real-time so no TestStand, and has other normal shortcut features like copy, paste, delete, save, and select all. It also has file extensions so double clicking on a file opens it in the editor, and dragging and dropping a file to this window will work, prompting for unsaved changes if there are any.
  13. Outlook doesn't have a Stop button, so I say a LabVIEW program shouldn't need one. Close yes, Stop no. The only reason I can see is for touch screens that are harder to navigate. Close can go through all the clean up stuff that it should. The main application does also have a toolbar with File >> Exit. In my config dialogs, I do have an Apply, Okay, and Cancel buttons and allow for a close which operates the same way as the Cancel would. I feel like the majority of configuration dialogs I've seen behave similarly, some with only Save and Cancel.
  14. Also does anyone else think there isn't enough color choices for the amount of data types there are? Maybe it is my eyes getting worst, or maybe it is the higher resolution monitors, and higher DPI, but I think at a glance the difference between some wire colors is too close. I'm sure another color or visual style would be needed, but a purple (or basically any other color) is going to look pretty similar to others. Someone pointed me to this video on Rebar from GDevCon, and while this is the now defunct NXG, I couldn't help but notice how similar the style is for a string. Even more similar would be having this next to an array of string, a DVR of a string, or a set and map of a string. I can tell the difference but maybe not very quickly. Maybe I should try turning on the Alternative Block Diagram Data Type Colors from the config and see if it is any better.
  15. That reminds me of a joke. "Polygamy is wrong! It is either multiamory, or polyphilia, but mixing Greek and Latin roots is wrong." It sure sounds like several complications, likely adding to the work NI needs to do if LabVIEW is ever going to have official proper unicode.
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