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  1. I've recently released the Variant Repository code as a package on VIPM.IO as VIMs. Some of the magic is lost going from a series of XNodes to VIMs, and even more wind is taken out of my sail by the fact that Sets and Maps can do what VRs did in a more native way. However I have some code I'd like to share that relies on Variant Repositories, so I cleaned it up for a release. And replacing those functions with Sets and Maps would mean my code could only be used by 2019 and newer. In the future when 2019 doesn't seem so new I'll probably remove the VR dependency. Or maybe I'm being lazy I
  2. To be clear I don't know that this is what JKI did, and no one told me they did this. I just know I didn't upload my stuff to VIPM.IO, and saw it was there which lead me to believe that this is what they did. The rehosting of BSD stuff is probably fine. The using LAVAG.org in ways that might go against terms of use might not be.
  3. So I'll admit I was dragging my feet a bit when it came to VIPM.io. I sorta saw this as another standard leading to this XKCD. But the process is pretty slick, and pretty easy. And the fact that it seems to have already crawled LAVAs Code Repository means a few of my tools are already there and looking nice. One issue I saw is with the screen shot resolution limitation. 800 x 500 is a decent size, but I found some of my palettes didn't fit and needed to be shrunk to fit. Is this size limitation just to ensure it fits on the page well? Here is my array package and I needed to scale
  4. I did use something a while ago that sounds similar to what you are describing. First I'd like to know if the OS it self is supposed to be on the USB drive too or not. If not I'd look into Thinstall or Thinapp which is virtualization software. Years ago I tried it and it worked for running LabVIEW IDE portable. It scans your system, you install software, it scans again, and then sets up a sandbox with the difference in files that can run on a similar OS without needing to install anything. It mostly worked but had issues. If the OS is supposed to be there too, then maybe run some kind of
  5. Pretty hard to tell. I mean the game came out in 2001, so development was probably 1999 or 2000. The UI could be Window 98, or Windows 2000, and it could be LabVIEW 5 or 6. But honestly it could be anything.
  6. Being able to combine your data processing, and GUI processing into a single loop is sometimes useful to reduce complexity. However, plenty of LabVIEW developers intentionally keep those two things separate. I've of the opinion that as long as you are very confident that the work being done is short, and won't keep the UI from locking up, then this approach is fine. Of course rarely can I predict how large an application might grow and how much of an impact this will have on the UX.
  7. Awesome and congrats. I look forward to any kind of revelation or perspective changes you have as a result.
  8. I do something close to Neil. My messaging structure uses the user events, and so in my event structure I have a long timeout of say 5000ms. In that timeout case I check to see if the user event is valid (not a number/reference). If it isn't valid then go clean up, I probably forgot to send a quit message or something shutdown improperly. I made an idea on the idea exchange to generate an event, when a reference gets destroyed over here which would make this a bit more graceful.
  9. At what point in the video does a tab get removed? I just watched it and no tab is removed. I just downloaded the code and you are right that the Remove Tab doesn't work. Not sure why, but I probably just forgot to implement that.
  10. Since this thread I've been using separate projects for each target. Debugging things aren't that difficult until it is some interaction between the two systems. I'll build my RTEXE, deploy it, then run my Windows VIs from the Host Only project. I might then realize the issue is on the RT side, so I then build the Windows EXE, close the Host Only project, open the RT Only project, open and run my main RT VI, then run my Windows EXE. Lots of building, and deploying when debugging. But since most issues I encounter are clearly one targets bug or the other it isn't too bad. I'll just open t
  11. For personal use at home I use Acronis. I've only ever used it for whole OS backing up. It supports incremental backups, and has a pretty decent scheduler. So my home computers all backup to a network location once a month doing an incremental backup. This is much smaller but only tracks the differences from one backup to another. After 5 incremental backups it performs a full backup. After so many backups it deletes the old ones. There was a 3 pack of software that went on sale years ago which came with a mail in rebate basically making it free. It has a CD image that you can boot to
  12. Not that I know of. You can email certification@ni.com for questions. They are pretty responsive.
  13. Thanks for the video, definitely never seen that. I'd suspect it is an interaction with Parallels, like LabVIEW losing track of what you are under as you transition to other systems. No idea.
  14. I don't follow you and may need a video to understand. Are you saying you can't drag an item from the palette onto the block diagram? I've never seen what it sounds like you are describing.
  15. Just anecdotally I'd say my 2020 RT is more stable than 2017 and 2018. I do use a couple RT utility VIs, but I have separate projects for the Windows Only and the RT Only portion. In the past I had issues with opening things in the other context causing problems and long recompile times. With two separate projects there is no code under the other target.
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