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  1. hooovahh

    Programmatically Set a Property Item

    Wow I never knew about that and the fact that it can handle dotted properties is awesome. Darren is there a reason we shouldn't be using this thing that does exactly what we might want when the proper method lacks this functionality?
  2. Here is an article to wipe Linux RT controllers using SSH. https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019LfbSAE&l=en-US
  3. hooovahh

    Programmatically Set a Property Item

    Someone from NI can chime in, but I think this is not possible and is one of those limitations of LabVIEW Scripting. QuickDrop has a CTRL+Shift+B that operates on a property node and it has a limitation of not working with "dotted properties". I assume that's due to a limitation with LabVIEW's scripting otherwise NI would have supported it.
  4. Yeah but I wonder how much of a format this really does. I was experimenting with reading/writing NTFS drives from within Linux RT. All that was needed was a few commands to install the appropriate package through opkg. After that it could read and write NTFS USB drives just fine. At some point I wanted to start fresh so I formatted it through MAX. But after the MAX format I was still able to read and write NTFS drives. So I suspect this isn't so much as a format as a "Remove all NI software and config, and copy over the base image". All OS level things might just be left alone. I never really followed up on this, and I do have several controllers so I could have mixed one up and formatted the wrong one, I'll try to reproduce this test later today to see if it is reproducible. See edit, I thought MAX format didn't wipe everything, now it seems it does wipe more than just NI software as OPKG installed packages are removed. EDIT: Okay a few other things for anyone that cares (just me then?). If you are using the Legacy FTP, you can read NTFS drives but cannot write to them. Running LabVIEW VIs, and the web interface to look at the U drive returns errors, and empty drives, but FTP can read and transfer files. This is where my confusion came from. I formatted the controller and FTP could still read the drive. But since I couldn't write to it or transfer data to it without extra packages being installed, this means a MAX format does uninstall OPKG installed packages, so it probably does wipe everything and start from a fresh image.
  5. hooovahh

    LabVIEW 2018 SP1 Released

    I downloaded the web install last week and speeds were as slow as I expected due to our infrastructure issues. By that I mean it didn't seem any slower than usual, maybe the developer suite's are cached differently. Also geographic location can be a factor since NI has several data hosting locations and it is supposed to pick the one closest to you. Since all my internet traffic is routed half way around the world while at work I have no idea where my download came from, but I'm in the Detroit area.
  6. I'm still searching but I had a similar issues. Someone mistakenly ordered the Windows version of the 9132 when we wanted the Linux RT. I asked NI what it would take to change it over and they said we would have to send it back getting a refund (probably minus stacking fee I can't remember) and then buy the new one. The reason was that the part numbers of the product were different and one example was that if we ever needed support it would be directed to the wrong place, and a replacement would give us the wrong one. I can't remember if I had this conversation in an email or online, or a private message I'll post it if I find it online.
  7. hooovahh

    LabVIEW 2018 SP1 Released

    Okay I'm in the process of downloading the fall bundle but I can say that I am thrilled to find that the F1 patch fixes a major crashing issue with access violation, and illegal operations I've been having. The cause is unknown but I suspect it has something to do with subpanels, splitters, and call asynchronous nodes, but to be honest it could be anything I couldn't nail down the issue. And if patches are like the ones in the past, the 2018 SP1 F1 patch must be installed over top 2018 SP1. I suspect this was a patch discovered after going gold with 2018 SP1 and being sent through the validation, and DVD pressing process. A pain for sure to have to download a huge thing install it, and then realize there is more to download and install, but if it finally means being able to get LabVIEW working again I'm happy. EDIT: Seems my issue was likely CAR 715018
  8. hooovahh

    Am I going crazy

    I ran into this several times in the past and haven't experienced it lately. I'm guessing NI has fixed it in future versions. It is still annoying and so I'd update to the latest patch level you can in the hopes it is resolved there. Like I said if you know where there is an issue just add an Always Copy, but the problem is when VIs are behaving that way and you aren't aware of the issue.
  9. So a while ago I wrote a XNode that would add functionality to the traverse for GObjects. One thing it would do is order the references based on their positioning on the front panel or block diagram. The most common use for me was for something like a grid of buttons. I would want them ordered from left to right and top to bottom so I made an enum input to the XNode that orders them after finding them. It would also return the reference as a boolean so no casting was needed after. Of course this goes with the normal "XNodes are experimental" statement but you could look at the code and see how I did it if you wanted to not use it.
  10. hooovahh

    VirtualBench for LabVIEW 8.5

    Your usb2RS232 device is likely a counterfeit Prolific, or FTDI chipset. The official makers of Prolific and FTDI have pushed out driver updates which disable counterfeit hardware which previously worked with the official drivers. At one point an FTDI driver disabled the counterfeit hardware making it not work in any computer once it had be used with the official driver. These updated drivers have been published as Windows Updates, and as a result they have stopped working unless you manually roll back drivers and force uninstall the newer ones. Not saying this is your situation but it has been mine. You often have no way of knowing if counterfeit chips are being used. An update will come through and they suddenly stop working. As for the LabVIEW thing yeah that is on NI. But to be fair they can't support every operating system with every version of LabVIEW and the more they cut out the more resources they have for other support issues.
  11. hooovahh

    Am I going crazy

    Throw in an always copy liberally and I'm guessing things will work start working. If you can isolate it well enough send it to NI for them to investigate. What version of LabVIEW and patch level?
  12. hooovahh

    VirtualBench for LabVIEW 8.5

    I don't share your opinion of Windows 10. I haven't had hardware access issues, and as others have said current gen LabVIEW is supported on several operating systems. 2015 SP1 is supported on 6 different Windows OSs according to this table, that seems pretty extensive to me. That means Virtual Bench 15.0 should work fine on XP. Expecting Virtual Bench drivers to support 8.5 seems like a stretch since it came out 8 years before the first release of Virtual Bench (correct me if 15.0 isn't the first release of Virtual Bench) There are things I hate about Windows 10, but the start and tile really doesn't bother me. In the past I have installed Classic Shell to get a basic looking start experience, with a skin that looks like Windows 10. But even on systems that I don't do this on it doesn't bother me. Windows 8.0 with the full screen tiles did bother me, but even then most of the time I just started typing what I wanted, or pinned important programs to the task bar, or used desktop shortcuts on systems I'd deploy to. Most users of my systems don't open the start at all, they just use the software I write anyway. And on systems I develop on I'm free to customize it however I want.
  13. hooovahh

    The State of OpenG (is OpenG Dead?)

    The real death of an API isn't when development stops, but instead the last time someone uses it as a dependency. (loosely quoting several people about existentialism)
  14. hooovahh

    VIPM LAVA Repo

    VIPM years ago did have an Enterprise version (I think they called it) which was more or less what you described. It didn't have all the features of Pro but could subscribe to feeds. At the time it seemed like it was too confusing. There was free, pro, enterprise, and I think a 4th option. In the early days of package management, people (myself included) were confused about what features were good for what and it was hard to know what was needed. VIPM was the first package manager I ever used and several concepts about feeds, dependencies, and use cases just weren't well understood. JKI simplified this with a Free, and Pro making it clear when you would want one over the other.
  15. hooovahh

    VirtualBench for LabVIEW 8.5

    I've never used VirtualBench but if the drivers aren't supported, then they aren't supported. The only thing that might help you is that sometimes in the past NI has done things like just used DAQmx for some features, and NI-DMM for others. So if you must use LabVIEW 8.5, I'd suggest trying to find the newest version of DAQmx, and NI-DMM, and NI-Power, that work with 8.5 and install it, and see if MAX recognizes the VirtualBench at least for those features.

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