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  1. You're right that there are a few ways to do this. Having a separate library of Common Controls is one way to go about it. In this you only need to have Type Defs that are shared between two or more libraries. For me the overwhelming majority of the time a Type Def is only needed in one library. If I have a set of VIs that does some kind of thing and needs a cluster or enum I'll save it as a type def to go along with the library. Any library that needs to use that type def, is going to probably need it because it will be a constant, or a control, that calls a VI from the first library. And so in that case it doesn't really matter that the second library depends on the first because of the control, because it is going to call the subVI so that dependency requirement is going to be there anyway. So I'll just have one type def control in the first library. Sometimes I'll make separate Type Defs, that contain the same data in different libraries, but in the future they might not. So one library may have an enum with "Yes, No, Cancel" and named "User Response.ctl". Even though another library has the need for the same set of enum values, I might make one separate control for each library because while they contain the same data, they aren't directly related. This could also work for you. Even though the two libraries have the same data Waveform data, they could be decoupled. Wiring will then do an automatic coercion dot which is nice, but could lead to issues in some small cases.
  2. Change is scary. Especially when it is forced on you. I guess that summarizes how I feel about this whole situation.
  3. That would be the right attitude to have as a manager. But that also reduces my value to the company. Now instead of doing work, I have a guy, that has to hire a guy to get the work done. My value in the company stays very high assuming NI and LabVIEW are the accepted tools used.
  4. My problem with this, is that for some tasks if I do it in LabVIEW it might take a week. And if I were asked to do that task it in any other language I'd ask for a year. Sure I can do anything my boss asks, but if I tell him I need a year to do something, all the sudden my value at the company is much less then it was earlier when LabVIEW was an option. There's reuse, work flows, templates, example projects, and tools already done if I work in LabVIEW and NI that I'd have to relearn, or recreate.
  5. Can't I just retire 10 years earlier than expected? Or maybe I can become a manager that just tells people what to do, instead of doing the work.
  6. When I saw your post I figured it would be an RT error I see all the time. Nope, never seen anything like that. I'd also suggest a reinstall of the RT module, and possibly of LabVIEW itself.
  7. I get where Shaun is coming from here. There are some behaviors in LabVIEW that either weren't well defined, or up for interpretation on how it should work. Then a new fix would come to LabVIEW where all of the sudden those corner cases weren't the same. Events are one of those things I've also thought might change, but I'm glad to hear that likely isn't the case. I remember a presentation by Jack Dunaway years ago at NI Week I think that talked about some of the event behaviors, and how it has changed in some releases. This was in the 2012 era.
  8. This video appears to be missing. But otherwise lots of good resources.
  9. I think the oldest I have is 7.0 or 7.1 in physical form. These boxes of old stuff just look cool to me so I have them displayed in my office along with a few LabVIEW books, and boxes of older software like Windows 3.1. I do wish I had more just to display and show off.
  10. There are complications with this. On Windows the first thing it does it figure out where the controls are, and creates the template HTML pages and web code. Then when it runs it can send the values of controls to the HTML pages, or send images of what the controls look like. If I'm remembering right, on embedded devices, some of the needed functions won't work. I think the get an image of a control doesn't work, even if the embedded UI is enabled. And Writing to PNG using compression doesn't work. But the good news is the values of controls can still be sent and received. At some point I did have this working on devices with an embedded UI as a test and showed it here It looks like some controls are in image mode, so maybe I'm wrong about it not working. The code as it is today is already a bit of a mess, when it comes to examples and demoing the features it has. So that code was an even bigger hack. I do wish I had time to work on this because it is one of the cooler projects I've worked on, and the easiest 80% of the project is done. But the last 20% would take a bunch of work. So it sorta sits here in this sorta works, but needs some attention, stage.
  11. First I'll mention that snippets aren't working recently on LAVA. I messaged the admin but haven't heard anything. Second I'm wondering why this can't be a native LabVIEW feature. Has anyone made an idea on the Idea Exchange for probes to work on parallel For loops, where the P terminals can constant fold to a 1? I'm also not sure why this works only in the enabled structure. I wouldn't expect the structure to be a non-reentrant type function. And it doesn't, when I put a wait in there as a test.
  12. Okay it looks like you'll get an Out of Memory error on building. https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019No1SAE&l=en-US
  13. I have seen others on the forums state that this can be an issue. What are the symptoms of hitting this limit? Should I just set this value on all development machines just in case?
  14. There is an offline help option, but I would much prefer to the more straight forward CHM files. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Offline-Help-window-in-LabVIEW-2022/m-p/4251163#M1236962 NI's website has many deficiencies that have been well known for years. So the effort to force things to go online, is crazy to me. Maybe trying to drive up network traffic to look better for investors or buyers?
  15. I'll ping the site admin.
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