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Copyright © 2007, Eric BOBILLIER

All rights reserved.

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This Vi is a tool to move label of few selected controls in TopLeft,TopCenter,TopRight,Left,Right,DownLeft,DownCenter and DownRight position. It run too with terminal

,invoke node, propriety node ,Global and control references.


I develop this tool for limit few click and for fun.


Copy Move Label.Vi and _Move Labelfolder in your labviewxx\project folder and restart labview.


Run Ok in 7.0

Know issue:

run only in Windows.


Actualy the diagram constante are not concern with label mouvement but i can upgrade if someone wanted.

Like i have only Labview 7.0 ,they is certainly new object that can be concern but can't be implanted now.

But if you look code, i think it's not very difficult.

Video demonstration at: http://screencast.com/t/1V3YuwsCE2V


Ton Plomp and Yair Neeman for the CCT__Get User App Reference__CCT Vi of the code capture Tool

And for the anonym who have write the DoKbdevent.vi

Change Log:

1.0.0: Initial release of the code.

1.0.1 Minor correction about front panel apparence.

1.1.1 Add New position (TopCenter,TopRight,DownCenter,DownRight)

Now run with Global too.

Modify the Vi to be call by another Vi (Need Name and position parameter)

Now the Default position is Left.

1.1.2 Correction of major bug in selection of label position

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