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  1. Hi All Since few times (14/12/2020) and few addons /plugins/ toolkit and QD installation, i observe sometime crash and/or error rapport génération when i close LV. Just today 0 crash , but 23 "Dump" in error rapport when i close LV. Is-there some specialistes who could help me to identify problem source. I send you today crash rapport to see details. Thanks Eric lvlog.txt
  2. Thanks Mikael for your proposition. Unfortunately, i have LV2018.
  3. Aristos Queue: I understand than it's not meaningful and if you see instance like all strings or num who have same appearance . But i found your proposition to create heritage class a bit excessive. If in your diagram you need 10 intances, you need 10 sub-class. Just to visually distinguish them. 🤪 . Perhaps one better Labview feature will be to add one specific Layer on icon with instance number when you place class on the diagram , or have possibility to just modify wire color in the diagram (without modify class wire color )
  4. Thanks a lot Hooovahh for this very usefull package. One suggestion is-it possible to add example (in library menu) like in one of your previous package version. And one question: is-it possible to use it in one cloneable vi without datas confusion ?
  5. Thanks Antoine My use case is simple, i have two instances in one complexe diagram and like icon and wire color are same i think it will be more readable if i can distinguish them. the only way i have found to do that, is to use different wire label. ☹️
  6. Hi I want to know if there is a way to distinguish two instances of same class placed in the same diagram. Eric
  7. Hi Benoit Thanks for your vi. But do you know if there is property to get serial port associate to USB in the case of the device are used like USB-Serial Bridge ? Eric
  8. Just for info Neil. Low-cost NI USB DAQ card (USB6008) don't have galvanic isolation and crash frequently, but more expensive NI USB DAQ card like USB-6216 have it' (look page 13 of data-sheet)
  9. Hi Neil Your cameras are powered by USB or other power supply ? USB is very delicate when there is different power sources for devices. Few time ago i have encounter lot of problem with this , and solve lot of it with one galvanic converter added on USB Link. Something like that https://electronics-shop.dk/usb-isolator It's a bit difficult to know if USB link are fall because with this kind of problem is low level protection who are activated and only windows can detect and restart it. Sometime on old PC you need to shutdown PC' power-supply to restart USB Link. The only wa
  10. Hi, thanks for this upgrade, but I think there is one problem with your VIPM package. When I try to install it, it refers to VIPM2017 who not exist and refuse to install the package. Oups sorry for my error. VIPM2017 seem existe, but like on JKI site they refer to VIPM2016 . Thanks again
  11. Hi all I have plan,to add one new LabView exe program compiled in LV2015 on one PC, where there is already one LabView exe program compiled in LV2011. Have you ever encounter some problems or limitations with two runtimes running at same time. Just for detail, I can't upgrade exe 2011 because i don't have sources. Eric
  12. I thought that every scale were completely independent, and that we thus could associated several scales with the same plot (EX : 2 Themal conversions units °C & °F on same datas set). But apparently it is not the case. Thanks for your help.
  13. Right .... But it's a bit ambiguous, because like normally the two scales are associate to the same plot , they should be sized in the same way....
  14. Hi All I'm not sure , but i think it's a bug. I have create one vi with XY graph with 2 X scales. They are autoscale. The first time i run vi, the 2 scales are correctly sized. But if i modify datas numbers, only one scale (the first) is correctly update. The second stay locked with previous data size. Bug XY Graph few scales autoscaled.vi LV2011 and W7
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