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Copyright © 2008, François Normandin

All rights reserved.


François Normandin

-- see readme file for contact information

website: www.monpapyrus.net/LabVIEW/index.html


Class for management of password objects. The object contains a MD5 encrypted password.

Methods are of two types depending on source of password. From non-encrypted or encrypted sources.

All vis are documented. There is an example VI that shows how to use encrypted & non-encrypted versions.

Encryption level provides a mean to recursively encrypt many times over, resulting in better security against

rainbow tables attack. Initialize once with Password_Create method.

[Non-encrypted source]

Source is from a dialog box or equivalent. The password is not encrypted at the moment the object is created.

Password_Create method will create a new object, encrypt the password and store it.

[Encrypted source]

Source is from a file or tcp-ip connection. The password is already encrypted at the moment the object is created.

Password_CreateEncrypted method will create a new object and store the password.


Uses the following OpenG toolkits:



OpenG: <http://wiki.openg.org/Main_Page>

GOOP® Community Edition 2.5: <http://www.endevo.se>

Change Log:

1.0.0: Initial release of the code.

1.0.1: Readme modifications

1.1.0: Added encryption level and modified naming convention for dynamically accessible methods.

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