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  1. “There was this fence where we pressed our faces and felt the wind turn warm and held to the fence and forgot who we were or where we came from but dreamed of who we might be and where we might go...” -- Opening lines of “R is for Rocket” by Ray Bradbury I spent 20 years building this G language of ours. It’s time for me to go enjoy the fruits of that labor as a user! I will still be employed by NI, but I will be working full time for Blue Origin. As part of the NI “Engineer in Residence” program, I will be on loan to Blue Origin to revise their engine and support test systems. They
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  2. I am trying to shift discussion of Messenger Library to a group at NI, as this conversation is at 12 pages and is hard to follow. New post about a beta feature for TCP that I am working on: https://forums.ni.com/t5/JDP-Science-Tools/New-Beta-feature-Reconnecting-TCP-Messenger/gpm-p/4092514#M5 Here's the image. The idea is to have a persistent TCP Client connection that will try and reestablish itself if broken.
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  3. It's a compromise between convenience and security and partially solves the "trust" issue by having really, really trustworthy organisations There have been other alternatives proposed but the "trust" issue has never really been solved adequately, to date. I trust me so my certificates are great (for me). The problem with that is then distribution. SSH. which is arguably the progenitor of modern TLS, got a lot of things very right. We haven't really moved on from that model except to make a whole new business sector for the key management.
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  4. It's documented in the DEV Template. I use a feedback timeout that is default 0 ms from every case but the Timeout case (which feeds back -1). This makes the Timeout case execute exactly once after the event queue is empty. Use a "Display needs update" boolean flag to record if the display needs updating in the timeout case. One can do this with Queues as well. With this one is able to look at all incoming data, but do expensive display operations only as often as possible (but as quickly as possible). So you could, for example, have information coming in a 100 a second, a
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  5. It's available on Web Archive as well.
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