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  1. Hi, 


    Have anyone used mDNS or ZeroConf in labview ?? 


    We have an ethernet device that have a IP address inside a rang 192.168.10.(0-200). 

    Up to now we have turned on one, waited the boot time, and they started to ping address 0 and up to 200. This takes a lot of time, and it working in 80 % of the cases. 

    Windows will not allow me to send ping more that 1/sec. So searching for one UUT can take up to 200 Sec :( 


    We know that the UUT have a mDNS service included. But I have not any experience on how this can be used. 

    I hope someone can guide me in the right direction 





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  2. My B-day came and went a week or so ago, and I noticed it didn't show up in the "member(s) having a birthday today" on the LAVA home page. Not that this is a big deal, but since I've been watching it I haven't seen it be anything other than "0". Is it working, or doesn't anyone else have their B-day posted?

    Happy burthday :)beer_mug.gif

  3. I communicate with some scoop, and on all of this I have made my own sett of driver.

    The reaon is that i didn't find the function in the driver from manufacture or at NI.com.

    But of course you need to find the cmd to the tex scoop.

    good lock :)

  4. After more testing it seems that the problem starts, when the sequence reaches steps that uses GPIB and COM port communication.

    But why is it only after deployment that these steps slow down...

    What happens during deployment other that copying files and updating links?

    This sound strange. But how is your file struck, and does Teststand need to look for many files in different directory.

    I found out that my deployment was slow due to that I searched trough the hole program files looking for my VI's

  5. Your question is a little vague (kind of like asking "how much would it cost to develop a test system?) - It totally depends on what instruments you have, how you physically connect to those instruments, what APIs you are using, etc.

    In similarly vague terms, you could create a step to check the presence of your instruments, store the result in a variable and then use that value in your sequences as part of your logic (be it, warning your user or skipping steps when running sequences).

    :thumbup1: OK I see that.

    I try to explain.

    My questions is not how to connect to my instruments(This is done in labview.vi). But where in Teststand is the "most correct" place to put these steps ??

    Today I check the instruments every time I test a UUT. That seems a bit overkill.

    So I was wondering there have to be a better way. And I have heard some where that you only check your instruments once, not on each UUT.

    So I looked at the internet to find out where in teststand was the best pratice to check instruments but did not find any answers.

    In the model files and say that there are many pre and post sequenses that run before and after the UUT was tested.

    But I have no Idea what all of this is doing.

    What I need is someone to guide me into the files I need to modify to make my instruments check only to be init/check once.

    Probably in one of the preUUT*** But I don't know.

    If someone have any advice, I be happy :worshippy:

  6. Hello

    I working in Teststand 4.2.1.

    I'm looking for a way to initiate and check the pressent of the instruments in stalled on the teststation.

    And start a OI once, and not each time I run a UUT.

    There have to be a way but I have not found it.

    So where can I do this?

    And how is the best way to do this?


  7. Hello,

    I'm looking for ides to solve this challenge.

    I have about 15 different UUT's on one Test station.

    The test station have some instruments and some router/matrix's to change the path of signal.

    And there are prepared some customs cables that have different start points on the matrix.

    we only run one UUT at the time.

    My goal is to have a test sequence that are ease to add new UUT to. and ease to change instruments configuration.

    If anyone have any good ides that they can share, I will appreciate it



  8. V I Engineering has a bunch of out-of-the-box operator interfaces (including 1-up and multi-up verbose and laconic OIs) - I don't think we've ever sold them as a separate product (they usually come bundled as part of our ATES product, or as part of a turn-key solution), but if anyone's interested please give me a yell. The OIs also come with a LabVIEW/TestStand Extension reuse package with a bunch of VIs that encapsulate the TestStand API if you want to modify the OIs or create your own.

    I like to have a look at this. :D

  9. This is annoying.

    The two highest on my "bug" list is :

    - you can't save to older version without having them all installed

    - You can't open a VI that is to old with out having the correct verions installed.

    For me I need sometimes to open old VI(I have some from 5.0 and 7.0) or exampels that is writen by others.

    And this is not possible if you install the newest. :frusty: All this head-banging gives me headache :angry:

    (clam down. Count from 10 to 1 slowly)

  10. After Reinstall the NI-VISA, everything fine now:=)

    Had simular problems. Solved by restarting the computer. :frusty:

    Have olso seen that I missing com/GPIB instrumets in the drop down menu. Some times I need to start Max, sometimes I must restart LW, and in worst cases I needed to restart computer

  11. One thing that I thought lvlibs was supposed to do was to help prevent conflicts within LabVIEW. I'm not sure if this was a problem in LV 8.6 but I'm using LV2009 now and getting a strange problem.

    In my project file, I have two different lvlibs that have a 'dir.mnu' file. These lvlibs are from 1) an Agilent driver, 2) Some NI lvlib (NI_AALPro.lvlib).

    Anybody else seen issues like this? What's the solution (my current solution is to ignore the warnings)?

    Thanks in advance!

    I have seen the same.

    I'm working on some drivers libs. And I have them all in the same project. And I have some challenged concerning the names on the IV. Some is natural to have the same name. Some not. But that LW is reporting that I have 2 files with same name :throwpc:

    If anyone have some suggestions I be happy to hear about it


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