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  1. Hi, Have anyone used mDNS or ZeroConf in labview ?? We have an ethernet device that have a IP address inside a rang 192.168.10.(0-200). Up to now we have turned on one, waited the boot time, and they started to ping address 0 and up to 200. This takes a lot of time, and it working in 80 % of the cases. Windows will not allow me to send ping more that 1/sec. So searching for one UUT can take up to 200 Sec We know that the UUT have a mDNS service included. But I have not any experience on how this can be used. I hope someone can guide me in the right direction Thanx Clio
  2. Fiber i KODAL ?? HELT Utrolig. (Trodde aldri jeg skulle si dette) Heia Telenor :-DDD

  3. Lurer på hvor stiv jeg er i morgen :o

  4. Vært i et området uten dekning i dag. ;)Legg igjen svar etter pipetonen ;P

  5. Utsatt for mordforsøk i dag.

  6. Legevakta er gøy :$

  7. Da døde pcen. Må være altinn sin skyld. Skulle sjekke selvangivelsen.

  8. Da er det sykkeltrening ;)

  9. Fint med flexsoble tannleger. Men hadde vært greit at de avtalt ny time med meg da. Ikke en som lå å sov et sted i landet

    1. jcarmody


      You missed the 'home' keys on your keyboard. :D

  10. The date thins is different in US and EU. Therefore we always use YYYY.MM.DD in our company.
  11. Thank you, Downloading as we speak (or write)
  12. YES, Google decide what will be there.
  13. I communicate with some scoop, and on all of this I have made my own sett of driver. The reaon is that i didn't find the function in the driver from manufacture or at NI.com. But of course you need to find the cmd to the tex scoop. good lock
  14. :worshippy: :worshippy: :worshippy: :worshippy:
  15. Clio75


    :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
  16. I can be intrested if the price is rigth
  17. This sound strange. But how is your file struck, and does Teststand need to look for many files in different directory. I found out that my deployment was slow due to that I searched trough the hole program files looking for my VI's
  18. I also like this. I hope I never need an station varable again
  19. OK I see that. I try to explain. My questions is not how to connect to my instruments(This is done in labview.vi). But where in Teststand is the "most correct" place to put these steps ?? Today I check the instruments every time I test a UUT. That seems a bit overkill. So I was wondering there have to be a better way. And I have heard some where that you only check your instruments once, not on each UUT. So I looked at the internet to find out where in teststand was the best pratice to check instruments but did not find any answers. In the model files and say that there are many pre and post sequenses that run before and after the UUT was tested. But I have no Idea what all of this is doing. What I need is someone to guide me into the files I need to modify to make my instruments check only to be init/check once. Probably in one of the preUUT*** But I don't know. If someone have any advice, I be happy
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